Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Before I knew it, Halloween came parading in and Party City magazines invaded my mailbox, as well as commercials on TV for classic horror movies premiering on my favorite channels. Scary Halloween themed music playlists were constantly being recommended to me on my Spotify account, and whenever I went to the grocery store, I would see the candy section at the front flooded with moms and their kids. As if all this wasn't enough of a reminder that Halloween was drawing near, Evan Rogers was going to be throwing a huge Halloween party at his house this Friday night. Rumors had been flying around that he had hired female strippers to perform at the party. Students were also spreading rumors about Evan's new senior girlfriend secretly being a stripper as a part time job. Every time I had heard the rumor it disgusted me. Of course, Evan's mom, stepdad, and little brother were attending some Halloween party for Evan's stepdad's business. The only reason they dragged Evan's little brother, Tate, along was because there was a fun area for kids to play and get free candy.

"What are you going to dress up as for Evan's party, Nora?" my friend Katie asked after English class on Wednesday.

"I still haven't decided yet but I guess I'll have to soon since the party is already the day after tomorrow," I say.

"Yeah, I just decided I'm going to go as a raggedy Anne doll," Katie tells me. "I got my costume yesterday and already know what I'm going to do with my makeup."

She sounds really excited, but truthfully, I'm not. It may seem heard to believe though, because last year practically all I did was party. Because Lizzie and Evan were still together then, Lizzie always dragged me to Evan's parties. Well, she didn't exactly have to drag me after my first one. For a while, Evan's house could have easily been my second home. He had a party at his house almost every Friday night of the entire school year. When you first arrived at his house, you would at first talk to your friends or whoever was there first, and once everybody-about fifty people usually- were there, Evan would bring out the beer and liquor and people would rush to the kegs and coolers. If you were really daring, you would go into the kitchen and start taking shots. After getting slightly drunk, I would dance with Lizzie and Evan and some of my other friends until I could no longer hold myself up from all the alcohol. The party would then end around one or two in the morning with all of us ether passed out on the couches or floor. The few people who didn't get as drunk would either leave or retreat upstairs to sleep in one of Evan's guest bedrooms.

All in all, Evan's parties were a ton of fun, but for some reason, this year I wasn't the party animal that I usually was. Maybe it was because there was so much pressure now on us Juniors to get good grades and to apply to an ample college. I knew for sure that I wanted to stay in state for college, because I couldn't even begin to imagine what it would feel like not living in my beloved Florida. I couldn't stand cold weather or even snow for that matter.

When my parents were still together, all three of us-my mom, dad, and me- would go to visit my cousins on my dad's side of the family, who lived in Colorado. And let me tell you, the five days we spent there during winter break were absolute hell. I was in the fifth grade, and all of my cousins who were younger than me wanted me to join them in sledding down the large hill in their expansive backyard. I reluctantly agreed, and my mom bundled me up and I stiffly walked out the back door with a blue plastic sled. My mom even took a picture of me and it looked like I was about to cry. I sled down that hill once and immediately decided that I hated it after falling off at the bottom and landing face first in the snow. So you could say that I'm more of a warm weather girl than a cold one.

Anyway, because of all the homework and projects I was getting so far this year, I wasn't really in the mood to let loose. I was too stressed out, especially from the chemistry project I was working on with Daniel. I hadn't talked to him in a few days, and we were supposed to meet again at my house next Monday.

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