Chapter 22

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Aphmau POV

"Jess you are so dead." Jin whispers to me. Not if he can't see me. I take a potion out of my storage and drink it, turning myself invisible for eight minutes. Just in time as well. Max throws the covers on the bed that covers the bottom of the bed. He can clearly see under the bed now.

"Wait, where's Jess?" Max asks, looking around the room before crawling under the bed. I crawl out as soon as he crawls in. I quickly run to the door.

"She was under there. Where could she have gone?" Mitch asks, yawning. I guess he was sleeping.

"She couldn't have gotten far." He says. Suddenly, I sneeze. He turns to my direction. "I just heard her from that direction!" He points at me. I slowly and quietly walk away from the door. He runs and tries to hold down the air. It's kinda funny. Suddenly, I am held down. I turn around to see Jin.

"There are particles Jess. I could see you." He explains.

"Why Jin why!" I say, trying to get out of his arms. He tightens his grip.

"Sorry but I don't want Max to kill us as well because you escaped. It's either you or us." He says. I groan. Sky pours some milk in my mouth by holding my nose so that I need to open my mouth. Smart. The funny thing is that because it was forced, the potion effect didn't leave. I love you Phoenix charm!

"It's not working!" He says as soon as all of the milk is gone. This is when I get a good idea. I make my flower garland turn into an invisible body double of me that I can talk through and I teleport using an enderpearl, replacing myself with my charm. I sneak away and out of the door. Smart sky but not smart enough. I remove the effects of the potion by drinking some milk out of Max's mini fridge while putting in the food that I took since I didn't need it before going and jumping on his back, turning on the Tv. I put a camera in the corner of the room before I left. I turn on the screen and connect the wireless camera to the screen before turning the sound up.

"Jess! You have five seconds to turn back before I murder you!" Max says.

"What's wrong Max? You mad Max? You shouldn't be a mad Max because if you hurt me, you will turn into a sad Max. Or would you be a glad Max? You shouldn't be bad, Max. You should just be glad I'm back Max. If you kill me, I will make you pay the tax Max so I suggest you don't be a mad Max." I smirk. I see Sky and Barney behind Max, trying not to laugh while Mitch slowly walks out of the room, not wanting to be a part of the fight. Ty follows. Suddenly, I hear a knock on the door. Before I can reply, they both walk in. I sit up and wave.

"Thought you would be in here. You wouldn't try to even say that while in the position you're in. What is Jin holding down anyway?" Mitch asks. They both come and sit on the bed on each side of me.

"My garland. I turned it into my body double and used an enderpearl to escape." They both laugh.

"Jess I will murder you with my bare hands." Max says calmly before jumping on 'me'.

"No Max! Don't be a mad Max because you will soon be a sad Max!" I shout. He sits on me. "Get off of me!"

"Nope. Not until you know to never escape again." At that, I burst out laughing. "What's so funny?" But I don't stop laughing.

"Max, in already gone." I turn the invisible body into my flower garland. Max stands up before picking the garland up. "I left ages ago. You just didn't notice." I summon my garland in my hand before putting it on my head. Max walks calmly out of the room. I jump under the bed. Mitch and Ty leave the room before anybody notices.

"Jess I know you're in here." Max walks in. He seems calm now so I crawl out. He just claps slowly. "You have proved your point. You can take care of yourself and I'm sorry for trying to control what you do." He sighs before sitting down on the bed.

"I forgive you. I can take care of myself. I have for years. This year is no different. I've relied on myself since I disappeared to that island. I made my own suit. I made my own life. I learned new things. Nobody helped me. I searched for you on my own. It's just a habit to do my own thing. I guess it's just hard to ask for help again." I explain to him. He just hugs me.

"I'm sorry. I really shouldn't try to be so over protective. I guess I just don't want you to get hurt again. Or get kidnapped." He apologises to me.

"Don't worry about it. Now I'm going to go up to my room. I'm tired from having to do that parkour that Sky made me do." Just because i had potions doesn't mean it wasn't tiring. It would have probably taken me a day to do that by myself. I could have used my charm but I thought that I should do the parkour just to show off.

"Night Jess" Max says. This is when I get an idea.

"We should do a prank." I say. At this, he smirks at me.

"What prank do you think we should do?" I explain to him my prank, our smile gets wider and wider.

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