“I’m going to kill her!” Haruna screamed, picking up something and throwing it across the room. The glass object she’d thrown crashed against the wall, shattering just above Aina’s head. The girl let out a soft yelp, moving away from the glass. She knew Haruna didn’t intentionally throw it at her. Haruna just had a habit of doing things recklessly when she got angry. And she was beyond angry right now, furious was more of an appropriate word to describe how Haruna was feeling.

From her corner, Tomomi whimpered softly, bringing her legs up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them tightly. She’d seen Haruna angry, but never quite like this. This was an all-new level of angry for the boss to achieve. Forcing her eyes away from the boss, Tomomi looked over at Mami. The blonde was sitting only a few feet away from Tomomi, her back pressed against the cold wall as her head lolled to the side. Her eyes were looking at the ground; she was looking like she was spacing off.

Tomomi couldn’t help but feel kind of sorry for Mami. Hana had been right about everything. When the girls were finally found, everyone blamed Mami. It was easy for Hana to play the victim and blame the entire thing on Mami, the student with a record of violence. Mami and Rina were blamed for the entire fight while Tomomi was just seen as an innocent bystander who came to the wrong place at the wrong time. The brunette felt guilty for not getting in trouble, she felt guilty that Mami took all the blame. Mami wouldn’t stand for Tomomi and Rina being punished for the fight, so she had claimed all of the punishment for herself. With a two week suspension hanging over her head, Tomomi knew Mami couldn’t be in a very good mood.

The brunette’s body was jolted again when the boss let out another scream, kicking over one of the chairs. She could see others in the room jump from the loud bang that sounded throughout the room from the chair, but no one made an effort to get up. No one wanted to go near the rampaging Haruna .They all knew better than to try and control the boss when she got like this. They were doing their best to avoid Haruna but in the small room, that wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

“I should have been there to protect her.” The incessant screams and shouts from the leader had continued on for minutes on end but now it looked like she was beginning to calm down. Tomomi could see Hinako and Yukako exchange glances before Hinako slowly pushed herself up from where she had been sitting.

With slow and gentle steps, she hesitantly made her way over to Haruna. At the moment, the leader was akin to a bear. You didn’t want to approach a bear too fast and you certainly didn’t want to approach Haruna too fast when she was this upset. When the black haired girl had made it over to Haruna, she slowly placed a hand on the boss’ shoulder.

“Haruna, please calm down.” Hinako had spoken her words just as gently as she had taken her steps. You could never be too careful when Haruna was like this.

“This is all my fault.” Tomomi could hear the boss’ voice break as her head fell, her long hair going with it to cover her face. Her hands clenched into fists at her side, shaking ever so shortly.

Hinako gave the boss a sad smile, wrapping her arms around the girl’s shoulders, nuzzling her head gently against the top of Haruna’s. Tomomi could only sit stunned to watch. She was certain Haruna would hit anyone who touched her like that, but Tomomi was slowly learning the different side to the feared leader.

“It’s not your fault,” Hinako told her in a soft tone.

“Hinako’s right, you know. You couldn’t have known this was going to happen,” Yukako chimed in from where she was sitting. Tomomi could hear the sniffles come from the eldest girl before her knees gave out, forcing her and Hinako to fall to the floor. Was she….crying?

“Haruna, I’m sorry…” Tomomi spoke her words softly but in the near completely quiet room, they sounded as if they’d been spoken at a normal volume. The attention at turned to Tomomi, everyone but Haruna looking her way. “If I was stronger, I could’ve been able to help her.”

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