A/N: In this chapter Dan takes you on one hella epic date!

Dan had been talking about taking you on an "epic date" since you had left New York. He was very excited and Zoe and Emma had insisted on getting you ready for it.

"Zoe do you know where he's taking me or what we're even doing?" You asked her as she did your hair.

"Yes and trust me, I would kill for Pj to do this for me." She said as she as she (Straightened/curled) your hair.

"Yeah mate! seriously it's so romantic!" Emma gushed, this was rare for her, it must be good.

"How is it both of you know and yet I don't?" You asked as Emma ran over to your suit case to pick out an outfit.

"Trust me, you'll be so glad we didn't tell you!" Zoe said as she finished your hair

"Okay, I guess I trust you, it's just you two know I hate surprises." You fussed.

"Y/N shut up, it's gonna be a magical evening and you're going to love every bit of it or so help me God I will gut you." Emma threatened. 

"Okay, jeez." You held your hands up in surrender.


"You look amazing." Dan said as you two walked out of the hotel.

"Thanks, after two hours of Zoe and Emma poking and prodding they finally let me go." You told him.

"Oh wow, two hours?" He asked in amusement.

"Yes, two hours, now tell me where we're going." You demanded.

"Tut tut, impatient little girl you're just going to have to wait." He smirked

You two hopped in a cab and Dan directed it to a small little restaurant called "El Crucero del amor" or "The love boat." It was a cute little restaurant with fine wine on the walls and beautiful small white lights hung from the ceiling.

"And here we are." Dan said as he showed you to a table, you realized no one else was in the restaurant but you and him. The table had rose peddles scattered over it with small candles on it. 

"Did you reserve the whole restaurant?" You asked in wonder

"Did you reserve the whole restaurant?" You asked in wonder.

"Yes." He said as he pulled out your chair for you.

"But how?" You asked again.

"You don't need to know." He told you as he sat down with a big smile on his face, he was wearing a tux.

"This is amazing Dan, really." You told him, he smiled.

"Thanks but this is nothing compared to the rest of the night." He said.

Dinner was amazing, Dan and you talked the whole time, except for the part where he hired a violinist. The violinist played (Your favorite song) which was quite amazing. Then you both got in a cab again and were off.

"Where are we going now?" You asked.

"You'll see." He smirked, that damn smirk, you could never argue with it.

You arrived at a beach with a small castle on it, Dan took your hand and brought you to the castle.

"Come on love!" He called as he started climbing the ruins.

"I can't! I'm in a dress!" You called back.

"I don't care! Come on!" He said, you started climbing and climbing. Once you reached the top you understood why Dan wanted to get up there so badly because this is what you saw.

 Once you reached the top you understood why Dan wanted to get up there so badly because this is what you saw

"I heard you could see part of the milky way from here but wow." Dan said looking up.

"Dan you're amazing." You whispered to him as you went to jump on him, he caught you and supported you by putting his hands under your butt. You started kissing him and finally you jumped off of him.

You both laid down with your heads pressed together and your feet facing opposite directions. You felt like you could fly, everything was so perfect, then you had an idea.

"Lets go for a swim." You said with a grin on your face, you started stripping your clothes off and Dan quickly caught on.

You looked down, it was about a 40 foot drop and the water was calm. You turned around and leaned back. You started to fall, you decided to make it interesting by doing a couple of flips. You landed in the water and Dan came diving in after you.

He lifted you out of the water with a big smile on his face, you wrapped your legs around him and kissed him once more.

"I didn't know you could do that." He smiled.

"Yeah, neither did I." You giggled, he pushed your hair out of your face and leaned in like he was going to kiss you but instead he flipped you over his head. Landing on your back with a smack, you got up.

"Dan you son of a bitch! You'll pay for that!" You yelled, soon realizing that he was gone.

"Dan?" You called out.

"BOO!" He jumped out of the water beside you and grabbed you.

"AHHH!" You screamed, Dan fell over laughing while you tried to look mad but ended up laughing too. 

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