Chapter 30: Across the Line

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"Morning Char!" Remi yelled from the bottom of the porch stairs.

"Morning future first beta," I replied back as I jogged down the stairs. I quickly hugged Remi who was still beaming with pride and excitement. "I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks," he said as we pulled away. "It feels right. I don't know, I thought being a tracker was what I was meant to do, but I guess not."

"You'll be great, you already do a good job keeping Liam in line now." He sighed and nodded a tiredly. "Speaking of, where is he?"

"Almost here, he got a late start this morning. He and Lyanna were up late playing Mario Cart and he slept through his alarm by like thirty minutes."

I rolled my eyes. "Lazy asshole."

"You're telling me," Remi muttered under his breath.

I could smell him coming before the door even opening. Evan walked through with a pair of basketball shorts on and a loose t-shirt. "Remi this is Evan. He's the second beta over at Mangata."

Remi eyed him curiously before looking back at me. Something flashed in his eyes, but it was gone by the time he looked back at Evan again. "Nice to meet you, sorry about yesterday, Liam can be a dick when it comes to Char."

Evan shrugged and shook Remi's hand. "It happens, don't worry about it."

We walked out across the lawn and towards the usual route north of the house. "Should we wait for Liam?"

Remi paused and looked over his shoulder for a minute before look back at me and shaking his head. "He said to go on, he's going to meet us on the way."

"Morning everyone." Elliot zipped next to me and kissed my forehead. His red hair was still damp from his shower and his eyes were already full of mischief this morning. "You sleep ok Evan?"

"That fold out isn't bad, kind of squeaky, but pretty nice. Super warm near that fire too."

"Good, are we waiting for Liam?"

"Nah," Remi called out over his shoulder. "He's going to meet us."

"Alright, Char I got you a dress by the way." I let out a long breath of relief as I realized that I totally didn't bring one with me.

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