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*sexual content👅 btw you can listen to the song while reading this chapter if you want and they still in the car*

Kevin's Pov

As the song began to play I could feel her eyes burning holes in the side of my face. I placed my hand on her inner thigh and started slowly moving my hand up to where I was near her covered pussy. My eyes still on the road I put my hand in her underwear and start to slowly finger her soaking wet pussy earning light moans from her.

"Fa-Faster" she moaned breathlessly

I did as told and started to pump my fingers in and out of her rapidly. The car was filled with her moans you could barely hear the music.

"I thi-think I'm ab-about to cum" she stuttered while throwing her head back

As those words left her mouth I stopped before she could cum and licked my two fingers tasting her juices. I continued to drive when I felt her hand on my crouch. Out of no where she started to palm me through my pants which made me want her more than ever. She leaned over to where her lips were near my ear.

"Moan for me daddy" she whispered seductively in my ear

She started palming me harder while sucking on my neck making me go crazy to where I couldn't take it anymore

"Fuck I'm al-almost there" I said close to cumming

Right when I said that she stopped and leaned back in her seat leaving me shook.

"Pay backs a bitch huh?" She said with a smirk on her face

"Don't worry I will have you screaming my name in a minute" I said while pulling up in the drive way

We both got out of car and she started to sprint to the door with me doing the same. I unlocked and closed the door locking it behind me. I slammed her against the wall kissing her aggressively. The kiss was filled with lust and her soft plump lips on mine drove me insane.

"Jump" I whispered against her lips

She did as told and wrapped both her hands and legs around me. I walked us upstairs to my room and closed the door making sure I locked it. I threw her on the bed and turned her over.  I placed one hand under her dress gripping her ass then I used the other one to unzip her dress. As I slid her dress off I could feel her shiver under my every touch.
I slowly started to lick up and down her back still gripping her ass with both my hands.

 I slowly started to lick up and down her back still gripping her ass with both my hands

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"I can't wait any longer kev" she pouted

I turned her over and removed both her bra and underwear leaving her fully exposed. I went straight down to her pussy and saw that she was dripping wet which made me want to devour her. I brushed my tongue swiftly against her clit which made her grip the sheets

"Stop te-teasing" she said with a shaky breath

I placed my tongue on her clit and started start lick in tiny circles. I felt her hands grip at my hair which only turnt me on more. I sucked on her clit making her moan loudly.

"Fuckkkkk yes daddy" she moaned while arching her back

I stopped right before she could cum. I took off my shirt and pants including my underwear. I lifted up her legs and positioned myself ready to shove my dick inside her. I slowly put the tip in and we both moaned simultaneously.

"Damn you're so tight baby girl" I said while shoving the rest of my dick inside of her

I started off with slow hard thrust making sure I hit her g-spot every time.

"Yessss tear this pussy up daddy" she moaned while squeezing her breast

After every thrust I started going faster making the head board shake.

"Turn over" I said while grabbing her waist

Without a word she did as told and we were now in the doggy style position. Without hesitation I shoved my dick in making her head go back. I grabbed her hair and continued thrusting in and out of her hard.

"Fuck fuck fuckkkkkk" she moaned while gripping the sheets

"Say my name" I said thrusting harder than before

"Ke-Kev-Kevin" she said between moans

"that's not my name" I said almost close to nutting

I thrusted one last time into her before cumming while she screamed my name

"DADDYYYYYYYYY!!!!" she moaned loudly

I collapsed to the side of her while she cuddled next to me. I grabbed the covers and put them over both of us.

"That was amazing baby" she said while kissing me on my lips

"It really was.... I love you baby girl" I said kissing her forehead

"I love you too baby boy" she said wrapping her legs around mine

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