Science Scholarship

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"Raven!" Billy called.

"What's up?" She greeted back.

"Well, I just saw your poster being put up. When do you get tired of all these contests. Like all you ever do is study?"

"I like what I do. Science is life!"

"Yeah. That's why we are all here." Raven smiled.

"Come on. It's not like you hate it here. You applied to this school. Look at that." she pointed at his Universe Simulator.

"This? All I had to do is to put some wires here and there to copy how the planets rotate around the sun. "

"Yes, and as I see the wires are not obvious. That is a work of a genius!

"Magnets" he whispered.

"I heard Mr. Gosby's summoning me to the office?"

"Yeah. Me too."

"Let's go?"

At Mr. Gosby's office.

"Montgomery. Danforth."

Mr. Gosby is about in his 50's, a bit bald and fat but very respectable. He is like one of the most intelligent principals Raven has ever known. He facilitated a lot of research and partnered with The Apex Institute in producing world quality projects that help reverse the effects of global warming and the like.

Their latest project, the one in partnership with Raven's parents, the Stellum. It allow trees to grow thrice as fast. All natural.

"Let's do this fast. By the way congratulations. Please take a seat." Mr. Gosby initiated.

"I just got some letters from Kevlar University and they are for the both of you."

Raven and Bill glanced at each other. Raven's eyes were glittering as a smile slowly curves on her lips. Kevlar University is renowned for training the smartest kids in the world. They offer scholarships and it is exclusive. It is either the admission is passed on to an alumnus' children, if they qualify, or if you get invited.

"They are offering you two a scholarship" that's the news she had been waiting for.

"Ohmigosh!" Raven roared. She stood up in excitement and started hugging her best friend.

"Bills, we got in!" She exclaimed. Billy laughed at the news.

"Wow! Mr. Gosby! For real?" She asked.

Mr. Gosby smiled. "Yes, Ms. Montgomery. Here is the letter. The Headmaster seems very impressed with your ability in puzzles, as well as in Chemistry. In fact, they had been requesting for your records since last year."

"My parents know?"

"Your dad. A bit." He handed her the letter. She sat slowly as she read the lines.

"And for you Mr. Danforth," he took another letter from the desk. "They are also at awe with your building skills. They like how you create all this..." he stared at Billy's project "...stuff. They want you in, too."

"Wow! That is great! I can't wait to tell dad!" Bill claimed.

"But I am afraid we have to keep this secret."

"Secret? I thought my dad knows?" Raven asked.

"All he knows is you are being invited for a training as an ordinary student. But I am afraid I need your commitment." He looked at the teens.

"Danforth. Please lock the doors."

He stood up and did as the Director instructed. Raven was growing tensed.

"I need to tell you a secret.
This school was established for the national security and protection. We take in the best kids there are so we can train them for the government."

"OK, so we end up working for them. Like a service bond?" Bill queried.

"Yes. But it is more than that. We are closely being monitored by the CIA right now. Look at that" he pointed at the aquarium behind them. "...that fish is not real. That has cameras in its eyes as well as microphone. And that," he pointed at the Mona Lisa painting on the wall, "that turns to a monitor I use to check for your locations."

The painting tilted then flipped and turned to an LED projector.

It showed a street view of their location and there they saw their images.

"Whoa!" Bill almost fell over his chair. And Raven's stomach ties itself.

"Oh, goodness!" She starts to panic.

"Relax, you two. You're safe. The CIA needs your talents. They have formed a secret partnership with us and the reason Kevlar only accepts students via invite or via passing on is because of this." Mr. Gosby fixed his tie and turned off the Mona Lisa locator -- as he calls it.

"We will be sending you to the University because we are in grave threat. A syndicate is trying to reverse Oxygen properties for biochemical warfare so they can take over the world. We don't know their exact plans yet but currently, the files and other information on Oxygen is being wiped out in the libraries. Soon, from the Internet" He continued.

"Since when?" Raven asked.

"Last year. But you don't hear from the news for the government wanted to fix this discreetly. But right now, the libraries in Egypt are lacking documents already and we get report everyday that the files reservoir on the web are being hacked. We can only delay the process by producing shield programs but we need to put a stop directly to this."

"And you think we can?" Bill questioned.

"Raven, primarily. You," Gosby looked at Bill, "we need at the base."

"But we're kids."

"Exactly the point. They won't be expecting you. But we're everywhere."

"We're not going to die, are we?"

"We hope not. Will you accept this?"

Bill cringed. "I don't know sir."

"I think I will, Bills".

"Wait. This is dangerous."

"That's the point, Billy. It is too dangerous for teenagers. Their guards will be down. That's when we take them. They will be focusing too much on who they think is capable. That's how we sneak in."

Mr. Gosby's face lighted.

"Shall I give the letter to your parents, Ms. Montgomery?"


"Rave" Bill's face start to quiver. "you don't have to decide now."

"He's right."

"No. Mr. Gosby. I want in. Then I decide if I need to quit."

"Are you sure, Ms. Montgomery?"


Billy sighed.

"Then I'm in, too."

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