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Pen Your Pride

chapter two

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Sorry I haven't been posting on this story. The others are wearing me out. I'm starting back at school tomorrow so my posts might come a little late or they might not considering I'm home schooled ^_^ I don't really know so......yeah. Hope you guys love this chapter.

Kiyoko’s pov

These past few weeks have been different for me. A life where I can live as a normal genin and have friends. When I first got here, the land was unusual for me. I’m so used to the snow and mist that I was surprised to see clear blue skies. The warm air felt good on my skin.

Kakashi took me, along with his team mates, to the Hokage’s office and explained my condition.


“This is Kiyoko, she was following under the rogue mist ninja Zabuza Momoichi. She wants to become a ninja for the Leaf.”


The obvious gasps spread through the room. It was not only the Hokage who we were speaking to. When the shinobi at the gate noticed my head bands they escorted me here. Naruto wouldn’t leave my side so he came along.


“Why should we let her in?! She might be in league with some other rogue ninja planning to kill the Hokage!” a random ninja yelled.


“I wouldn’t have brought her here if she was of any threat to the village. She has planned to tell us all the information she knows. I give you my word.”Kakashi spoke with such confidence.


Meanwhile, the Hokage watched the situation break out in front of him. He had no idea how to handle a thing like this. It’s something that’s never happened before. The girl that was in question stayed silent. She was around a genin age and yet, he could sense the power she held within her.


“C’mon gramps let Kiyoko be a ninja here. She won’t do anything bad I promise.”


‘Naruto is even speaking for her. He seems very determined about this. Does that mean she has a past similar to his?’ the Hokage questioned.


“What do you have to say about this, Miss Kiyoko?”


They all waited for her answer in anticipation. She looked to each of them with an emotionless face. Soon she was kneeling down in front of the desk Sarutobi stood behind.


“My former master said to come with Kakashi so I could become a ninja in this village. He believed I could live a better life instead of his tool, even if I didn’t mind that. I want to grant my master’s dying wish but, I also believe I can change if I live here.”


Her head raised her eyes connecting with the Hokage’s eyes. There he saw all he needed to see.


“Alright I have made my decision.” A silence filled the room. A small drop of sweat dripped down Kiyoko’s head. “I will allow you to stay here but you must be under the supervision of Kakashi and his team. For now you will go on their missions and help them out. You may decide who you want to live with. Until we fully trust you we will keep an eye on you.”

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