Never Again!!!

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Skylar's P.O.V

Sitting in class is the most boring thing EVER!!!

Im sitting here staring out the window waiting for the bell to ring, While my two dicks of a brothers throw paper balls at my head and My ass of a mate and the rest of their friends shoot spit balls at me

"Fucken cut it out you fucken douche bags and you, Brothers that even fucken hurts to say you two are my twin brothers, i wish Riley and Kale were my twins but No i got you two, They are better twins to me than you, i hate you cunts" I yelled

To say they were shocked was an understatement, I was the school nerd but i will not be fucked with any longer

"Miss Hunter Principle's office NOW!!!" My stupid teachers, Ms Prez said


"B. . b. brothers??" The class stuttered

"Yea the idiots didn't tell you, Us having the same last name isn't a coincidence, Yous are just all stupid attention seeking whores"

"PEACE OUT DICKS!!!, oh and Gabriel and Storm try explain this one to mum and dad" I finally said walking out with a smirk on my face

Knowing they would run after me i ran to my car with my supernatural speed

Both of your parents being all the supernaturals in the world comes in handy

When i got home i was tackle in to a hug by my younger twin brothers Riley and Kale they looked exactly the same except Riley had dad's white/blond hair while Kale had mum's super black as midnight hair both had baby blue eyes like Gabriel and Storms, they where like little versions of our older brothers Kale looked like Gabe and Riley looked like Storm

Sadly the only thing that was the same about us was our skin colour, while i have Dark Blue/Purple hair and Red/Orange coloured eyes like my Mum and Uncle Drake.

"Baby girl what are you doing home you finish at 4:30 its only 12?" Dad asked coming down the stairs with mum walking behind him

"Ill tell ya soon, first what are these two doing home" i said pointing to my ten year old brothers who where now play fighting on the ground

"They said they were sick" mum said rolling her eyes

"So your dumb ass of a father believed them" she continued

"Hey!, You love me!!" My dad said grinning

"Hello!, and you wish" she replied laughing which caused Dads eyes to turn black and growl

Then a miniature Evince came running into the room to see who was growling at my mum and looked straight dad before tackled him straight into the ground, Me and mum just laughed as Evince started to licked Dads face like a dog

"Now what are you doing home sweetie" Mum asked walking into the kitchen with me, dad and Evince following her

Then i decided to tell her what had happened over the last three years in high school, from my brothers picking on me to them shoving me in a locker with their friends help for the whole day

When i was done telling them dad was shaking like crazy and mum looked like she was ready to kill someone

Just then my brothers and their friends through the front door and then the kitchen door laughing, When they saw mum and dad they shut up until Gabe the idiot decided to talk

"Hey mum and dad what wrong"

All my Uncles and Aunts, God dads their mates and my four grandparents where walking into the door with smiles on there face

Until they saw my mum's face, No one and i mean NO ONE messes with mum's little girl as Im the only other girl in our family, you would expect my dad to be angry but nope mum is worse and her wolf is more protective over me than anyone else

Next thing i know, My twin brothers where pinned to the wall by my mum by their throats lifted off the ground while my brothers friends where floating in the air struggling at their throats

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY ONLY FEMALE PUP!!!" Mum screamed but it wasn't her voice it was my mum's supernaturals

Oh Shit!!!

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