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Dressed in another set of clothes, I walked back down the steps to meet Nikolai. I burst through the doors to his home office. My smile radiant as it always was with him around. It soon turned into a frown as I took noticed of Nikolai's tense posture. His eyebrows were knit together in a frown, his face masked with frustration. He didn't even spare a glance my way.

I scoot to closer to his desk. My hands slithering around his neck down to her muscled chest. "Are you okay?" I pressed a kiss to his firm jaw.

"Nothing you should concern yourself with." The cold voice struck back. I winced as if I had received a paper cut.

"Is there anything I could help with? I could fix you a scotch if you like?" I suggested, my eyes lingering at the illuminated computer screen.

"That's won't be necessary," he replied coldly.

I dug my teeth into my lip, "Any papers you need me to organize?"

"Stop being so persistent! I had said I wanted nothing!" I jump back in fear, my eyes blinked rapidly with unshed tears.

The corner of my lips tugged down into a frown. "I'm sorry." My head lowered in shame as I moved to step away from him.

A large hand gripped my wrist and I yelp in fright. Nikolai's eyes met mine. A look of regret filled the blue irises.

"Daddy's sorry, baby girl. Come here," he tugged at her arm pulling her towards him.

Reluctantly, she sat on his lap. My body curled against his chest as tears slipped free from my eyes.

"I didn't mean to yell at you. I know you were just trying to be helpful, baby." He rocked me in his arms like a baby. His fingers pushing away the stray hairs on my face.

"Don't cry, I'm sorry." He whispered softly against my ear. "I'm so sorry." He ran kisses down my face.

"I'm just upset at the moment. I have a business trip and I'm required to leave for a month at least. Then I have to deal with two fuckers who stole my last two shipments. It's very stressing work, baby."

My tears had settled down into small hiccups. It was understandable he was upset because of this. He was very short tempered – something I've gotten used to over the years.

"Are you going to?" I asked, my eyes darting up to meet his.

His eyes reflected a look of empathy. "Yes, baby girl. I have to."

"When are you leaving?"

His long fingers brushed the side of my cheek. "Tonight, love."

I let out a small shaky breathe. My eyes welling back to tears. Just the thought of being alone without him around at all was just devastating. I couldn't afford to fall asleep in a cold bed waiting until he arrives.

I needed him beside me, no matter the little time he has, I needed to at least feel the comfort of his touch.

"Take me with you?" I plead with my eyes. My sobs bounced off the walls of the room.

His lips broke into a smile. The dimple on his cheek winking down at me. "If it were only that easy," he shook his head. I watched his Adam's apple pop out.

"Please," I begged, "Bring as many men you think will keep me safe just don't leave me alone."

Tears slipped from my eyes and led down my temples. Nikolai brushed them away with his thumbs before they could fall. "Very well. You'll come along with me, but you must follow my rules. Do you understand, young lady?"

"Yes, daddy."

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