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Amei Oluremi Solarin (pronounced AH-MAY)

The sudden moaning suddenly came to a stop as I rolled my eyes, cranking Sade's Sweet Love higher than ever as I scribbled with my charcoal, feeling all too good and relaxed as I sipped on my weak ass daiquiri.

You'd think on a Friday night, I'd be out or shaking my ass to the latest song but I was all too tired of doing the same damn thing every Friday. I would rather sit here, drawing and sipping on this weakened alcoholic concoction other than partaking in any ratchetness on tonight. Just when I'd finished my masterpiece, which was an ode to my natural sisters, there was a knock on my door.

"Come in!"

In walked my nasty, hype and uppity ass best friend as she jumped into my bed as I gave her a stank look, reaching over to turn my music to a lower volume.

"Damn, that was fast. I ain't know Tray was a minute man."

"Girl, you know I do whatever that nigga wants just as long as he keeps these hunnits flowing," she smiles, whipping out a stack. My eyes grew large as hell as she placed it into my hands while dusting her shoulders and blowing her nails. "Like it ain't nothing."

"Lani, this has to be at least a couple thousand! Since when?"

"Tray and I have an understanding. We chill, we fuck and he keeps me paid. It's simple."

"That's prostitution."

"Bitch, no it's not. I'm popping my pussy at my own will, not by some pimp," she laughs. "I told you to hit up ole' dude."

"Girl, I got better shit to do and doing Iman ain't one of them," I spat with an eye roll. "Finally finished my piece. You like?"

"You seriously need to be up in somebody's shop, Amei. Your skills are hella bomb, yo! Can I have this one?"

"Hell no. I damn near spent a month on that shit. I'm keeping it. If you want one, all you have to do is ask."

"I know it's last minute and all, but Tray just invited me somewhere. It's legit and top notch, all the pretty bitches are gonna be there."


"Oh come on, Amei," she whines, with a pout. "We might as well, we aren't doing anything else!"

"We party every Friday night, Jelani. That shit's beginning to get old as fuck," I sighed, rolling my eyes. "I'm not trying to be like those hoes who always club hopping. You know that ain't me."

"We do not club hop every night, girl. Come on now, relax. Pluuus you could possibly find you some new dick to get the fuck over Houston's bum ass."

There it is. Every single time I try to rid myself of the one dude who messed it up for everyone else, he always seems to find his way back into my mind.

On the outside, I may pretend to act like I don't care but the pain is still pretty fresh. I never saw this shit coming and I actually believe it is partially why I am the way I am on today. Being a bitter individual is way better than allowing someone to snatch out your heart, then stomp on that bitch like it's nothing.

"Just because I'm not having sex does not mean I need to fuck everything in sight. And no I am not going out tonight, I'm tired."

Although I loved my best friend dearly, she's the wild and kind of out there type.

Raised by her grandmother and as an only child, she's accustomed with things going her way which is why it comes as no surprise whenever her current beau, drug dealer and a much older man by the name of Tray comes over. The two been messing around for a little over two years now and still she has no title.

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