The Scarred - Preface

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So don't say your goodbyes, you know its better that way.                                                                                                  We won't break,                                                                                                                                                        We won't die!

  It's just a moment of change....

- One Republic


The air wouldn't come, wouldn't fill my lungs and save my weak dying body. Spots danced before my eyes, taunting me with the fact that they knew I couldn't go on. I was literally suffocating in grief. Gasp, Gasp, Gasp, and Thud! Pain flew through my shoulder. I squinted through my spotty, teary eyes, realising I must have fallen off my chair and I was now lying on the cold wooden floor. I tried to push myself up but then lay back down when a spout of dizziness rushed through me. I still couldn't get enough air in and I knew that if I didn't soon I was going to pass out. Breathe, I told myself. You cannot die! Think of Saaskia, she needs you. Gasp, I wasn't going to make it, I couldn't hold on. BREATHE! I screamed to myself. The last image I saw before I was taken away from consciousness was a panic stricken guard running towards my pale, gasping, body.


"She really just needs to rest. You will have to come back later. I'm sorry, I know it's an inconvenience but that's just too bad." Authority rang through the voice of a female, who I guess was standing at the end of the bed I was laying in. 

"Yes. It is an inconvenience, but fine. We will be back very soon." A male voice echoed through the room, sounding slightly annoyed. I heard footsteps and a door open and close.  

"Alright, you can open your eyes now," the women said.  

Squeezing my eyes tighter I managed to croak out of my dry throat, "But I'm asleep." More footsteps echoed through the room, then a hand smoothing my hair. It reminded me of what my fair haired mother used to do, before she had taken her life. "I don't want to wake up. I would much rather stay in this endless dark void of nothing and numbness," I told the women. 

"Don't be such a dramatic, stubborn donkey and open your eyes." A young, high pitched voice rang in my ears. My eyes shot open and I came face to face with my seven year old sister Saaskia. Her pale blonde hair hung down to her waist. My hair used to be that colour, nearly white but with age it had gotten darker and darker. I just hoped that Saaskia's hair stayed that colour. She looked gorgeous. Her piercing brown eyes weaved their way through my body, to my soul. She grinned at me widely, her milky white canines sharp as a tack. Saaskia's fangs came out when she was on edge, worried, scared. Something was up. She sat on the edge of the bed, holding my cold hand.  

"See. That's much better. Are you thirsty? I mean you must be, after what you went through." Sometimes I couldn't believe she was only seven years old. She had the personality of a thirty year old.  

"Thirsty? Yes, but how do you know what I went through?" Her knowledge of what had happened to me scared me . I couldn't let her know those things. Before she could reply the women cut in. 

"There will be time for chit chat later, more important matters first. Saaskia, please go and get your sister a glass of water." Saas hopped down from the bed and ran from the room. "Now, my name is Emma and I am the nurse. You've been through a lot and nearly suffocated to death. You were lucky you were found. You have a bruised shoulder and you ribs will be a bit sore. But apart from that you should be fine. Just take it easy for a while and drink plenty of water. If there is anything at all that you need, please just ask me or any of the staff here."  

"Ummm...Where exactly is here?" I asked, realising I had no idea where I was. 

"You are at The Hospital." 

"Well, I know that, but which one?" Did she think I was that out of it that I didn't know I was in a hospital? 

"That is what the hospital is called, The Hospital, in Missing." I sucked in a breath. Missing? Oh no. That was way too near Gone. They would know I was here. Missing is going to be swarming with their guards. Just then, Saaskia came back through the door carrying a tall glass of water. She handed it to me and I gulped it down. It was lovely and I instantly wanted more. 

"Could I please have another glass?" I asked Emma. 

"Of course, I'll be right back" She left the room with my glass.  

"You know, The Scarred are after you," she stated matter of factly. My pulse quickened.  

"How do you know who the Scarred are?" I asked her quietly. The Scarred were a secret society of people, similar to a cult but hardly a full- fledged one. Not many people knew who they were or what they did, in fact, only eight families knew about them. Anyone outside of those families who knew about The Scarred were to be executed by the leader's guards. My family was not one of the eight families. 

"A boy named Aiden came to me this morning. He told me to give you this." She handed me a crumpled envelope. It had been opened. "Of course, knowing me I just couldn't resist opening it." Her smile grew, and then faltered. "Alexia, you won't die will you?" she looked close tears now. 

"Of course not! I won't let it happen, I won't leave you but you must promise me to ever speak of the Scarred to anyone. Understand?"  

"As long as you don't die, I will take it to my grave." 

"Even if I die" I replied sternly. 

"I won't let you!" Saaskia grabbed clumps of my long brown hair and kissed my nose. Definitely thirty. I wrapped my arms around her thin, fragile frame and held her close.  

"I love you so much Saas, never forget that, ever. Now remember, whatever you do, do not move or make a noise until night time. Then get out of town and don't come back. I'm so sorry." Tears ran down my face and I struggled to let go of her.  

"What are you talking about Alexia?" she said into my neck. I ignored her, got out of bed, still holding her and went to the cupboard. I put her in there and covered her with coats. 

"Alexia? Alexia! What are you doing? Stop it, please!" She screamed and cried and carried on. I kept ignoring her, holding back more tears, fighting the urge to gather her in my arms and run.  

"Please trust me Saas and be quiet, don't make a noise, please. I love you." I closed the cupboard on her and she stopped crying. Saas trusted me and I was grateful for that. I hoped back into bed just as Aiden and his guards walked through the door.

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