Chapter 36

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From: potter_jackson - Major cliffhanger!! This fan fic became my sunshine in my life. How depressing is that? Anyway, I LOVE IT <3 <3 cant wait for the next update :)

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Chapter 36: And This Is Why Love Is For Suckers....

*Caution, this much drama can cause heartbreaks, seizures, brain tumors, and possible death - view disgression is advised*

The letter burned like coal in my hands, searing hot - as if it was scaring my skin and calling attention to itself as I clutched onto it for dear life making my way through the hall ways. The hallways. Crowded, fluffed, strung, painted - no matter what form they could be described, they were everywhere - hearts. Red ones, pink ones, white ones, yellow ones. 

For some reason everyone had decked the area in festive decor to symbolize the daunting holiday for love.

As people walk passed me their eyes would travel from my face down to the dark red letter I kept in my tight grasp, they all noticed it - it wasn't hard to see - the letter was so embarrassing, I held it out at least ten inches from my body. Subconsciously, I probably figured the less it was touching me, the more people would think I was only a messenger or something.

"Why does it look like your holding a Howler?" A low voice whispered in my ear, making me jump ten feet in the air and elbow the person in the nose as a reflex.

Spinning around, I put a hand over my frantic heart beats and breathed out a sigh of relief, realizing it was only George. "Don't scare me like that!" I scolded and leaned against the stone wall of the corridor as if I'd run a mile.

George just rose a brow while holding his throbbing nose, as if saying 'Seriously?' "What's making you freaked out? Something to do with this?" He smirked, dropping the grasp on his nose to hold up my scarlet envelope with a devious smirk. He gave it a fake pondering look and twisted it around his fingers. "Hum.. I wonder who this is for..." He flipped it around twice, looking for a name - but there wasn't one. "Too bad there's no name on the cover, guess I need to open it for myself..."

"No!" I yelled, snatching it out of his hands and cradling it against my chest like an abducted child. "It's.. it's personal..."

"Alright Granger, calm down."  George chuckled, and rolled his eyes. "Besides, it's not like I don't know who you're planning on presenting that to - the whole school can see it you know."

My face burst into a hot pink flame. "W-What? It's not that-"

"-Obvious Granger?" A cold sneer rung out from the side of me and I turned my head slightly to take in the towering figure of Draco, standing arms crosses across his chest. "Yes, actually - you are. That letter is clearly for Weasel, but I don't know why. They are annoying blood traitors-" He spat, giving George a look over. Then gave me a softer look, confusing me a little. "You can do better than a filthy weasel."

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