Petyr Baelish/Robb Stark- Send My Love

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Warning : Spoilers of season 1 

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 "I'm in California dreaming about who we used to be

When we were younger and free

I've forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet

There's such a difference between us

And a million miles " 

You felt his stare all across the room, burning in the back of your head as you listened to your Nephew holding a speech. Joffrey standing arrogantly as the crown slowly slipped on his head, your father clapping as his oldest grandson is turning into a king in front of his eyes.

He was everywhere; that was your first thought once you caught his stare. Lurking in the shadows awaiting to catch you off guard, it seemed that he enjoyed seeing you lose colour in your cheeks and your heart beating erratically it almost jumps out of your chest.

Littlefinger, as he was called kept his clam gaze on your until you felt the tips of your ears turning a shade of red. You could've sworn your resembled a tomato.

You were rather fond of Lord Baelish seeing as you two spend a fair amount of time together, of course without your family knowing. It was then that you realised -after one of your long walks- how your fondness and friendliness had grown into a stronger feeling.

You were in love. You were in love with the master of coin who surprised you every day with a new type of flower he found in the garden mixed in with sweet words. He had you wrapped around his finger and no matter how much you wanted to deny, you were powerless against Petyr.

One afternoon you decided to visit your brother Tyrion. You had to confess your idea to him and seek possible advice on how to go through with the plan. Although you loved your big brother Jamie, deep down you knew he wasn't the smartest person in King's Landing.

Joffrey was a living proof of that.

Just the sheer thought of him and Cersei sent a cold shiver down your spine. You knew, unfortunately. But as others were good at ignoring the issue, so were you.

With a soft knock you open the doors once Tyrion's voice echoes in the hallway. Pushing the wooden door, you step into his room; the smell of wine filling your nostrils as you try your hardest not to puke.

"Hello older brother." You greet him with a slight bow much to his dismay.

"Y/A I've told you to never address me as older brother. Reserve the formalities for Jamie." He gulped down an entire glass of wine before taking in you frame.

"You seem to be bothered?"

And that's when you let yourself go. You knew you were of age, as a matter of fact you were even above the average age when girls in the realm get married. In your 23rd name-day, you never understood why father hasn't sent you off to some high lord and be done with it.

After explaining your plan to Tyrion you felt relief. But as your eyes catch his, you heart fell into the pit of your stomach.

"Are you insane Y/A? Father would never approve of this and both of your heads would be on a spike before you even make it out of King's Landing." He whisperingly yelled, the walls had ears both of you knew much.

"With yours and Varys' help we could make it."

"Could is the key word Y/A." Tyrion poured himself some wine, God knows he needs it now more than ever.


"No. You can't runaway a fortnight before your wedding and bring shame to the Lannister name. You know I'm all for defying father but-"

Your face was enough to make him stop. The crimson colour your cheeks had whilst you bickered back and forward vanished into thin air at the mention of wedding. Fortnight. Your wedding. These three words bounced in your brain making you hazy.

"You didn't know?" His voice dropped an octave and his eyes were filled with guilt and concern.

You shook your head.

"Father thought it would be a good alliance between the houses. The Starks have always hated the Lannisters and vice versa. I mean the whole realm hates us, but having one of the most powerful houses on our side would be a plus."

Starks. That's where you were going to married off. You heard ached and suddenly it was hard to breath.

"Robb will be a great husband."

You managed to nod before running off into your chambers where you spent your night crying in agony, not even Cersei – your favourite sibling- could calm you down.


Over the course of ten years you found yourself slowly falling in love with Robb Stark after all he was the father of your three children. Even though your father despised Starks you found them to be lovely and caring especially with you. They had carried the warmth that seemingly you family lacked of.

After many years you came to face the realization that you'll never see him again. Your brother Tyrion made sure of it as he sent the family to visit you instead of the other way around. It took many tries before you finally gave up on searching for answers to your questions about him.

But life itself has funny ways of playing with emotions and yours were put to the test when the gates of Winterfell opened to reveal the one and only-

"Lord Baelish." Robb said through gritted teeth, never coming to like the master of coins.

Petyr's bow was mocking as was his smirk that seemed to flatten once he saw you

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Petyr's bow was mocking as was his smirk that seemed to flatten once he saw you. The small child in your arms holding Robb's brown-reddish curly hair and your eyes.

He averted his gaze towards Robb and his mother Catelyn before speaking. "I'm terribly sorry but I'm bringing bad news from King's Landing. I wish to speak privately if possible."

With one curt nod Robb, Catelyn, Baelish and you went towards the empty feast hall. You heart hammered hard against your ribcage and you were positive your cheeks were red but not from the sudden change of temperature.

With an unnoticeable sigh Baelish redirected his gaze back to you. "Lord Eddard Stark is dead."

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