Chapter One.

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Lauren Chante' Rice

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Lauren Chante' Rice

Sometimes being the quiet one, is always best.

I slowly walked to my second hour class, dreading to go there. Like most ever other teenager, I hate school.

But the only person who can make me lighten up is my bestfriend, Taya. That's been my girl since kindergarten. We've been rocking that long, now that we're both fifteen, turning sixteen soon, we're inseparable.

Born in Washington, DC but was raised in Harlem World, NY. I never really liked Harlem, but I've grown to accept it as my city.

I put my hands in my jacket pocket as I continue walking to class. I walked passed Bayard's most known posse, A$AP Mob.

They're your usual arrogant, smart mouth, drug dealers, teenagers that don't give a fuck about anything or anybody. But it's one particular member of the mob that I believe is going to make it, that particular member name is Rakim Mayers, better know as A$AP Rocky.

How I believe this? Because I grew up with him, been having a crush on him for the last 3 years but I will not tell him that. So for now, we just act like we don't know each other. Although we know so much about each other.

"Lighten up, L." Taya nudged me once I walked into the classroom. I smirked and sat in my seat, which was right beside her. We was currently in art class, which was my favorite, if I had to choose.

The tardy bell rung and in came a late Rakim. He put his hands on his knees to catch his breath.

"Wooo shit, why your class all the way down here?" Rakim spoke, causing a few people to laugh.

"Ooh, look at your baby." Taya smiled at me.

"Take a seat, Rakim." Ms. Wonders responded before turning back around to write on the board.

Rakim smacked his lips before scanning the room. He bit his bottom lip at me, before walking towards our table, which was in the back.

"Mind if I sit here?" He asked, politely. I looked at him and before I could retaliate, Taya spoke.

"No, you can sit." She smiled.

He licked over his lips before taking the seat. We stared at each other for a while until I looked away. Old fucking memories started coming to mind.

I chuckled to myself, remembering when he was trying to teach me how to ride a bike. We both end up on the ground, covered in grass.

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