Chapter 18: Hope

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Daniel's pov

It's weird, being constantly in control. It's nice taking over once in a while for a little time, but I'm not the one who's supposed to be in control of the human body and Brian seems to be gone. I know he's still here though, he might be too weak, but I'm hoping Chloe's presence will help.

I was going back home to talk to her, see if she was ok after everything that happened. We didn't know when the attack would take place, but Chris was ready to help and, like the rest of us, wanted nothing more than to see Silver Moon destroyed. Their Alpha destroyed a lot of years of his life and he almost took away Savannah. Now they're after Chloe? History will not repeat itself.

I noticed a girl standing outside our house and judging by her appearance and mostly her eyes, she must be Cole's mate. She seemed furious though.

"Are you ok?", I asked her.

She turned to me. "Sure", she said still angry.

"I'm Daniel."

"Alicia", she said.

"You're Cole's mate right?"

Mentioning his name was enough for her to send me a death glare. "What do you want?", she snapped.

"You know that you're preventing what's probably the only way for you to get your human back", I said.

"I can't just pretend that everything's fine!"

"Why didn't you reject him?", I asked her suddenly.


"You could have rejected him. The pain would slowly go away, Rebecca could even come back and you wouldn't have to wait for him anymore."

"Would you reject your mate?"

"No, but I'm not the one treating her awfully."

"So you're telling me when she came back you welcomed her with open arms? Because I remember seeing you a bit angry."

Ok she got me there.

"He left for three years, she was gone for a week! You didn't even know her that well... Cole and I were together for two years before he left, during which time I was locked up so that I wouldn't escape and he'd have a reason to come back. I knew it wasn't easy for him in Silver Moon, but he's my mate, I knew he'd come back. Rebecca understood, but I didn't. Then the first year went by and it was getting worse as the days went by, she was becoming weaker, but she was still hopeful. And then it was my time to take over and that's how it's been for the last two years. Do you have any idea what it's like to lose connection with your human for two years? To be the one who's in control of the human body for two years?"

Her eyes were glazed over. I didn't want to think about what she said because two years is a long time and the fact that we weren't sure how to reverse this, was scary.

"I don't even know if she'll ever come back...", she whispered.

"They will", I said quickly.

"Do you really believe that or you just don't want to think of the alternative?"

I just don't want to think of the alternative.


I went back home, not sure how I felt about my conversation with Alicia. She was bound to be a bit more pessimistic since it's been two years, that doesn't mean there's no hope... Right?

I was about to sink deeper into depression when a pillow hit me in the face. Ok... Where did that come from?

"Sorry", I heard Chloe from the living room. She was siting on the couch with all its pillows scattered on the floor.

"Ok...?", I said unsure of what was going on.

She chuckled at my expression making me smile. She was here and she wasn't leaving again.

"I've been practicing", she said.

"Pillow fighting?", I asked as I picked one up and sat besides her.

"No", she said with a smile, "powers, remember?"

"It rings a bell..."

"Wanna see?", she said eagerly.

"Sure", I smiled.

She turned her attention back to the pillows on the floor and concentrated. At first nothing happened, but then one of them flowed up in the air and she brought it towards me. I caught it and looked at her.

"Wow", I said.

"I have control!", she beamed and I smiled at her. She's cute.

She's amazing, I heard a familiar voice.

Brian?, I asked shocked, but got no answer in return.

"What happened?", Chloe asked me confused, seeing my expression.

"He's not completely gone", I said still shocked, but a smile was forming on my face. He's not completely gone...

"Really?", she asked with a glimmer of hope and I nodded. I guess spending time with her does the trick.

"I'm sorry", she said suddenly.

"For what?"

"Leaving. If I'd just stayed here, we wouldn't be in this mess, Brian wouldn't be gone, Silver Moon wouldn't be after your pack and no one would be in danger...", she said without looking at me.

"Hey", I said softly and turned her face to look at me, "they wanted to take you away, they would have attacked us either way. We have better chances now that we know."

She sighed. "You'll all be fine right? You've done this before?"

I could lie to her, but what if something bad happened?

"We have, but you never know how things are going to end up. There are more of us though, I don't think we have to worry that much", I said.

"Ok...", she said.

"What do you want to do?", I asked her trying to lighten the mood.

"I don't know, something relaxing...", she said as she slouched back on the couch and hugged a pillow.


"Sure", she smiled.

A few minutes later we were sitting comfortably on the couch, watching a movie. It wasn't until half an hour later that Chloe lied down with her head on my lap and drifted off. To tell you the truth, I was surprised she stayed awake for so long. From what I understood, she didn't sleep at all last night, trying to escape and all and after everything they went through to get here, she must be exhausted.

I absentmindedly started playing with her hair, as the movie kept playing. This felt right, this is how it should be, I knew it. This one week was torture and obviously didn't turn out that well, but now that she's here I feel like everything's going to be ok. That's why I don't understand Alicia, she must feel something now that Cole's back. On the other hand, if my mate was gone for three years, I wouldn't be any better I guess...

All we had to do now was end the situation with Silver Moon and we could continue with our happy, normal, well normal for us, lives. However there was something bothering me... They wouldn't be the only ones who would be after Chloe and Cole now that the news that they're alive must be spreading. Even if we deal with them, who tells us there won't be someone else waiting after them? I'd do anything for her, but the pack won't survive continuous attacks. How are we supposed to deal with that?


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