Where am i.?

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i found myself in a brightened room with 3 other girls they'd all been taken here the same way i was but we werent sure who chose us so i introduced my self for a head start nd this is what the others said;

Gril#1- my name is alexis bennett im 14 years old nd its an honor to be chosen by one of the boys tonight

Girl#2- my name is makayla watt im also 14 years old

Gril#3- um hi im um nya ashford im 14 too..

me- well it's nice to meet you 3 nd i hope ur chosen as well as myself

*then the four boys walked in with a lady with tanned skinned and black hair the boys walked to us nd the lady stood there and said,"hello girls im keisha gamble the boys manager you all look very stunning tonightand as you can see the boys chose you if you look to the right of you you will see the boy who chose you you will have 1 hour to get to know the boys nd make them fall for youif you get them to fall u will officially be their number one girls good luck nd the timer is now ticking"  the lady left the room nd i looked down to see prodigy standing next to makayla rayray next to alexis princeton next to nya and roc royal was next to me we all began to go our seperate ways*

-ray nd lex's pov-

ray- whats ur name beautiful?

lex- alexis bennett ...lex for short

ray- thats a beautiful name u probably already knew this but im raquan smith ray for short

lex- (smiling) yeah ......umm how long have you been growing ur braids...i love them they show ur not afraid to show who u really are

ray- thanks lovely nd since i was about 6 years old

lex- wow thats a long time so do u think i have a chane at being your girl so far.?

Ray-...i think u already are (winks)

-prod nd makaylas pov-


kay- what made u pick me of everyone in the croud.?

prod- when i walked by u..,i couldnt help but to stare i mean u where just so beautiful nd the whole time i was holding ur hand i was thinking i had to make u mines it was the first time i had ever felt butterflies in my stomach because of a girl

kay- i never thought youd actually be THIS sweet...oh yea im makayla

prod- thats a beautiful name u kno i really thinhk you have a shot a getting this

key- by the way youve been looking at me...i think so too

-prince nd nya's pov-

prince- so from what i heard behind the door ur name is nya.? thats pretty im jacob but u can call me prince but i bet u knew that

nya- thanx nd yea....im sorry to skip all over the board nd land on this square but...,can i feel ur hair...,its just so pretty

prince- sure

nya-*goes over to feel his hair but starts to masage him instead* i sowwy pwince i just couldnt help it but i hope this relaxes u some

prince-its cool it feels good since we're both in a good mood...can i ask you something.?

nya- sure

prince- i know we barrely talked but would you like to be my number one.?

nya- omg yes yes yes yes

prince- cool ( pecks her on the cheek)

--roc nd my pov-

roc- so uum i cant remember what u actually said ur name was..but if u dont mind repeating ur self it'd be an honor..

me- tyra bradford...ty for short (smiles)

roc- thats a beautiful name so ty what do u like doing during free time.?

me- i like to draw nd write stories on miss literati nd wattpad i can show you some if u want.?

roc- sure is there any thing youd like to know about me.?

me- um do u really think all girls are beautiful because in yalls videos i only see skinny pretty girls

roc- well personally i dont but i like the fact that u let curiosity take over u thats cute

me= oh...thanks

roc- i like u i didnt mean for u to get offended i mean i think im all ready in love with u ur pretty...nd u speak ur mind

me- thanks so that means i have a shot.?

roc- lets see...hmmmmmmmmm would u like to b.?

me- id really like to be :)

*the timer goes off nd the lady walks back in the room nd says, "ok girls sadly times up if the boy who chosed you kisses ur cheek gently he wants u to be his girl if not sadly he'll have to keep looking.......

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