Worriors for Walt

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My heart is broken today. Walt Morris is around 9 months old and has Down syndrome and his heart is failing. Walt has had two pacemakers put in and yesterday they found out that Walt is not eligible for a heart transplant. This baby boy has been in the hospital for most of his life and my heart goes out to his family. They are taking Walt home on Monday and ending his treatment so he can spend his last few days at home with his family. Pray for the Morris family to have peace during this time. Pray for Walt to not be in pain in his last few days. Pray for them to know that their baby boy has left his mark on so many lives. Pray for them to know that God is Big Enough. Pray for them please, y'all.

For more on Walt, go to worriorsforwalt on instagram and follow the last few days of Walt's inspiring story.

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