Love.? (An EXTREMLY rated r Mindless behavior love story)

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im tyra  bradford..,yes tyra bradford who dated roc royal nd im here to tell you how that ent from the start to the beginning in this here journal of mines

*The whole POV of the story is just a HUUUUUUGE flash back*

Day #1-

as i sat there nd listened to all of the screaming fans over the music i thought to myself. ''what would it be like for me to date roc royal" while i was going over the thoughts in my head i noticed that the music had stopped bumping nd the billions of fans got quiet and the 4 sensational boys on stage began to talk this is what they said one by one;

Princeton- ok ladies as you know we've been searching for our number one girl lately

Ray Ray- nd we want to see if she's out there somewhere

Roc Royal- so tonight we're going to pick one girl each from the crowd and see if she gets to-

Prod- (cuts off roc) be my number one girl

*then all of a sudden the lights begin to dim and mysterious music begins to play as the four boys begin to search the crowd of screaming girls all but myself then i felt someone tap my shoulder i turn around but i cant get a glance of who the person is because of the dimmed lights thn a sweetly well mannered voice whispers in my ear and said,"come with me" and held out a hand for me to grasp on to and follow their lead so i did as i was directed to do

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