Chapter 19 ~ Pickles ~

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Hey everyone! Happy New Years! It's officially 2012!

I apologize right now for the super duper short chapter... I almost wouldn't call it a chapter. :/ I've just been so busy. I'll try and make the next one longer.

I also wanna say thank you to all my new and old fans. :) Your votes and comments mean a lot to me.


Rue <3

P.S. Picture on the side is Pickles! :D Except he doesn't have a santa hat.

Chapter 19 ~ Pickles ~

The tension in the room was unbearable. Master Carthwrite shifted uncomfortably and closed his eyes, inhaling deeply. Thinking of a way to break the tension filled air, I walked over to Blake and hugged him.

“It's nice to see you again, Blake.” I attempted to sound happy, but you could hear the fear behind it. Letting go of his stiff body, hoping I had done something right, I looked at Adelaide and realized my mistake.

Her eyes pierced me with hatred that rolled off her ocean blue eyes in tidal waves. The glare only meant one thing; I was a traitor.

“What are you doing here?” Venom and irritation laced her voice while her eyes moved to Blake. Grimacing, I shuffled away from Blake. I bowed my head slowly when he noticed me retreating. He gave me a very short, curt nod of understanding before answering Adelaide.

“I have a right to visit my son on Christmas, whereas his Mother hasn't come for years and should've lost the privilege.” His eyebrows furrowed together, but his voice stayed calm.

“Ha! I'm his Mother, he even prefers me.” She sneered with a smile. “And I was off on business, Michael understands that.” She looked over at Master Carthwrite, raising an eyebrow.

“Mom, it's Christmas. Please, for my sake, try and get along?” Adelaide clenched her teeth, I could imagine a gasket exploding as she held back a hiss and a fake smile took over her face.

“Of course, Michael. Anything for you.” The sickly sweet voice she used had everyone's skin crawling and I immediately knew when she looked at me, she wasn't going to forget my mistake.

The room filled with silence, the tension still unbearable. Even Sampson could feel it; his tail curling in between his legs in fear. All eyes fell on Meena as she patted him on the head, telling him it was okay.

“When you get the dog, Jack?” I could hear sigh's whispering through the air as Blake spoke.

“I got Sampson around the time when I got Meena.” The black puppy's head raised as he heard his name.

“Ah, black lab?” Jack nodded, fingering the diamond earring on his left ear.

Meaningless conversation went on for about an hour till Master Carthwrite allowed the guards to take their things back to their rooms, telling them that Gretta had made a meal for them in their kitchen.

I grimaced as they left, wishing they'd stay or let me go with them. Allen mouthed an, 'I'm sorry' and Trent offered me a small smile. Callum smacked the back of Dustin's head as he smiled and winked at me, making me giggle.

“Something funny, Brandy?” My eyes went wide as I looked at Master Carthwrite.

“No Ma-sir.” Bowing my head in frustration, I focused on clenching and unclenching my hands.

“Why don't we have lunch now?” Jack asked before silence would overtake the room again.

“Yes. Brandy, why don't you and Meena take your stuff to your room.” Adelaide smiled approvingly at his 'kind' sounding voice.