Part 5 - The Break Up

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WEST HOLLYWOOD IS ALWAYS A SCENE. Freaks, geeks and 'wannabe' rockers surround the famous Roxy Theater that has been around for decades. Many well-known bands have taken to the stage and I've been coming here since before I started at OC. I was twenty-four when I met the President, Richard Adelmann, and the Vice President, Simon Bloomfield while they were at the Roxy. Of course, I didn't know who they were at the time. We argued about the potential marketing package of an R&B act performing that night and I impressed them with my ideas for further exposer. Richard gave me his card and told me to interview at OC as an A&R Rep.

I was so nervous at the interview, but I got the job anyway and was immediately paired with the VP of talent at OC, Freddy Cartwright—a former AMA National Motocross Champion from back in the day. The first time I laid eyes on him my heart sunk to my feet. I couldn't be in the same room with him without my hands sweating and fumbling my words. He is the most handsome man I had ever seen. It took about a year of working with him before I was able to relax in his presence and I am sure he knew his effect on me. I think it made him feel more powerful than he already was. Freddy is a God in Los Angeles and many other cities across the country. Everyone knows him as 'Undead-Fred.' He was given that nickname by the guys he rode with because of his near-death collision right before he gave it up. He's the tallest of the riders and definitely the best looking. His speed, precision, and fearless riding earned him big dollars and street credit, which is why he was able to write his own ticket at OC. Nobody cares about the incident that took him out of riding and nobody ever brings it up except for Tom. Every woman near and far wants to take him on and win his heart. I always knew he was a womanizer, but I didn't care. I knew I would be around him every day.

I recall the first time we were intimate. Freddy drove me home one night after courting SoulBusters. We really wanted to land that deal and our adrenaline was in high gear. We pulled up to my condo and Freddy told me what a good job I had done. He looked incredibly sexy that night in his Armani suit. I had been dreaming about him since we met. The innuendos were getting crazy at the office and we finally talked about what would happen if we started sleeping together. I remember telling him I wasn't sure if it was a good idea, to which he thought the same thing. Not two seconds later I was straddling him like a magnet in his car. I remember how his lips felt as they kissed me back. The chemistry between us was undeniable. I tried to stop it and said we had one more opportunity to walk away.

"To late baby," he says. "There is no turning back."

He was right.

Once inside, we never got past the hallway. He had me undressed and against the wall faster than I could have imagined. His body felt amazing as it pressed against mine. We fucked right there in the hallway, on the living room floor and a few more times in my bed before he left at three in the morning. I laugh to myself remembering how I could not sleep for a week after that night. I guess I could consider myself one of those women hoping he would fall in love with me. God knows that is what I wanted. I still do.

Fast forward three years later and all that has really moved forward is our blatant disregard for office policies. I have not moved forward in this company or with Freddy. I think I made that choice when I invited him in.

I walk into the Roxy and as expected, it is pretty packed with women both young and old.

Muno stands casually on the stage wearing a slimming black blazer and matching fedora. His sexy Latin charm is in full swing and the women are eating it up.

I shake my head. Freddy does know talent when he hears it. I quickly glance through the crowd and spot Freddy in his business rock Armani suit and two-day scruff staring directly at me. I smile like the fool that I am and turn back to the stage. Here we go.

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