Sirius is back.

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"Preposterous!" Fudge shouted loudly, relaying his thoughts about Harry's demands quite clearly "out of the question!"

"Are you out of your mind Harry?!" his friend questioned, looking to Fudge warily; Harry figured that Archie didn't think he had this situation under control.

"It won't do any good, my boy," Dumbledore, referring to Sirius no doubt, put in his opinion with a quick sideways glance at Sirius' cell.

"Harry . . ." Remus began, the pain those memories brought back to the werewolf almost made Harry feel guilty about bringing it up "you know how I feel about you talking about that man . . ."

"First, you have no choice in the matter minister – either you accept my demands along with the stipulations that are tied with them, or you'll be enjoying the same hospitality you have seen fit to show me this past month," he grinned before motioning to Dumbledore "I'm sure his 'Chief Mugwumpiness' over there can attest to that, should my evidence prove what I say it proves," Dumbledore gave a quick nod to Fudge at Harry's unasked question, a grin barely visible behind his beard at how he was addressed "And Moony, I don't think you should talk about 'that man', as you so eloquently put it, as if he weren't in the room" Remus looked to the only other cell in the room housing a prisoner with shock, as its occupant, who was currently seated against the far wall, raised his skeletal and dirty head to lock eyes with Remus.

Recognizing those grey eyes anywhere, despite the fact that where they were once always full of life, they were now dull, Remus was immediately on guard.

"Your demands are unreasonable, how do I even know you're not lying?!" Fudge, who was getting agitated, hollered.

"Cornelius, even if I don't possess any such proof of your crimes, your reaction to its possible existence casts more than enough doubt on yourself to warrant a full questioning under Veritaserum before the Wizengamot – you have no choice in the matter" he reminded the quickly angering man. Fudge looked to Dumbledore to see if this was true, and to his dismay, the wizened old wizard nodded in affirmation.

Fudge quickly went over Harry's proposal in his head. There was no way he could pay the brat off with Ministry funds, or his own cash; the boy, too, had to know this. It was clearly a demand made to Lucius more than himself. Should the boy go to the media with his case, with how he was unlawfully imprisoned and treated, not only would he find himself out of a job, he's probably get thrown in here too, as well as Lucius, for an extended stay. Then there was Black's trial, even if he was found innocent, it wouldn't affect him politically as it was Crouch who carted him off to Azkaban without a Veritaserum testimony.

"What assurances do I have that you won't go to the media anyway, even if I get you the money?" Fudge demanded, much to the shock of the people in the room who never expected him to even consider it.

"I, Harry James Potter, do swear by my life and magic that should Cornelius Oswald Fudge adhere to the terms we have agreed upon, that I will not in any way, shape or form release the story of my unlawful imprisonment and treatment to anyone whose possession of such knowledge would be detrimental to Cornelius Oswald Fudge," he recited as he stuck his hand out through the bar for a hand shake "and should Cornelius Oswald Fudge ever again in the future make an unlawful attempt to cause me harm, defame or imprison me, I will be free of this oath and within my rights to act in any manner I see fit in retaliation he finished with his lengthy and well thought out oath.

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