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WALKING ALONGSIDE HENRY, ANNA James furrowed her eyebrows together slightly upon feeling the cool morning breeze blow against her eyes, causing them to water instantly. It was a random morning in the middle of the week, meaning that Anna had to do her usual job of dropping Henry Mills off at the bus stop. Though Emma and Regina believed that he was old enough to go on his own, Anna wanted to keep a special eye on him.

See, there was a new visitor in town. For any other place in the world, this would have been normal. However, Storybrooke didn't get a lot of visitors. Actually, they didn't get any visitors. Emma was the first Anna had seen in a rather long time. Before then, she could barely remember anyone visiting Storybrooke. The last visitors the town had welcomed were a father and son, but that was years ago.

Anna stuck her hands into the pockets of her forest green jacket as Henry asked her a random question out of the blue. "Hey, Anna, how did you get that scar?" Henry wondered. She looked down at him in confusion. "You know... the one by your left eye."

The girl had almost forgotten that she had a scar there. It was so small that she hardly noticed it. However, whenever she met someone new, they always seemed to point it out. Anna shrugged. "I'm not sure, actually," she admitted. "I guess it's always been there. Why do you—hey, where are you going?"

As she spoke, Henry had run off, for he had spotted the town's newest visitors. The man was crouched beside a black motorbike as Henry Mills approached him. Once Anna had joined his side, she started to scold him but refrained because she didn't want to make a bad first impression on the town's stranger.

"Sorry, he's a curious one," Anna apologized after hearing Henry try to ask the stranger what he was doing in Storybrooke. "Um, I'm Anna."

He nodded at her as Henry asked, "What's that?" He motioned to the box sitting on the top of the motorbike. "What's inside it?"

"Just something I need to do what I came here for," he answered, confusing Anna slightly.

"I thought you were just visiting," Anna wondered.

"Doesn't mean I don't have something to do," he responded while getting on his bike and fastening the helmet to his head. The engine revved as he continued to speak. "You two kids better get to school. Looks like a storm's coming."

Though the man had disappeared after that, more and more questions only began to appear in Anna's head. Just who was he and what were his intentions in Storybrooke?

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