Chapter 6

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------------BRUNO'S P.O.V-----------

We got home at about 11:30 pm and the girl, which now had her cheek and legs different shades of blue and purple, was still asleep... or fainted. I carried her and took her inside. Phillip came inside shortly after closing the car.

"Well i'm off to bed, good luck with her." He said as he left towards his room.

I made my way up to my room which was in the second floor. It was up until this moment that I noticed how big our house was. I finally reached my room and layed the girl down in my bed. I couldn't decide whether to take her dress off or not so I just put a blanket over her. I studied her face and ran my hand gently over her cheek. No girl deserves this, especially someone as beautiful and gentle as her. What am I saying? I just met the girl and now I sounded all corny and cheesy. I grabbed another pair of clothes for me and left the room, closing the door behind me. I headed towards the next bedroom, which is where I would sleep tonight. After changing, I layed in bed and fell asleep while thinking of her.

------------NALA'S P.O.V------------

When I asked Bruno what happened last night, I wasn't sure what I wanted to hear. He was silent for a couple seconds, like he was trying to remember what happened.

"I was walking and I saw you and that guy arguing and..."

"Did you see when he slapped me?" I asked, interupting him.

"Yeah." He quietly said. "Anyway, I went up to him and told him to leave and he did. After that, I carried you and starded walking home when my friend Phillip picked me up and he drove us home and that's pretty much it." He said as he starded walking again.

I stood there, as if waiting for him to say more but he didn't.

"That's it?!" I yelled as I starded running towards him. "You don't expect me to believe that's what happened, do you?" I said as I reached him. "Drew wouldn't back away from something like that without an argument." I stated.

He kept walking silently. "Well that's what happened." He finally said.

"But..." I starded, but no other words came out after that.

I decided to not ask any more about what happened last night to not annoy him, but I was going to find out what really happened. After walking around the house for about a minute or so, we ended up in the kitchen.

"Sit." He said, pointing towards the stool.

The kitchen was like the rest of the house, big and fancy. Stone and tile covered the whole kitchen. It was also very clean which surprised me. There was 2 other stools on my left and a table infront of me. From my stool, I had a clear sight of the whole kitchen and of Bruno who was looking for something. Food i'm guessing.

"So, who's Phillip?" I asked, starting the conversation again.

"I see you still have questions" he laughed while opening the fridge that was big enough to fit a body inside.

"Nope, now answear." I said firmly.

"He's like my brother, my partner in crime and he lives here with me." He said closing the fridge in dissapointment.

"Is he here now?" I asked looking around the kitchen.

"No, he's probably out gambling or something, he'll be back later though." He said, now opening one of the black cabinets.

"Where did you meet him?" I asked while playing close attention to Bruno's actions.

"Here in L.A actually. He was in a fight with a guy and I helped him out. I gave the other guy a couple punches and Phillip and I have been friends ever since." He said with a smile.

"Do you meet everyone in fights?" I asked.

"No, but I just happen to be there at the right time." He said as he took out a box.

"Cereal." We both said.

"Not just any cereal, Fruit Loops!" He said while shaking the box of color circles.

He smiled and served us both. We ate for about 5 minutes when I stood up to leave my bowl at the sink.

"So, since i'm staying here, am I gonna keep using your clothes?" I asked as I took his finished bowl.

"You could." He smirked.

I ignored his comment and starded washing the two bowls.

"I could have done that." He said, my back towards him.

"I know." I said. "So, clothes, can I stop by my house and get them?"

"Fine. But i'm going with you." He said.

I finished washing the dishes and turned to look at him. His arms were crossed and his chest was slowly falling and rising. I didn't like the idea that he had to go everywhere with me but I couldn't keep wearing his clothes. I didn't mind but it was wrong. I barely know him and he's keeping me here against my will. I should be calling the cops but something in me is telling me that i'll be fine here.

"Take a picture, it will last longer" he said interupting my thoughts while walking out the kitchen.

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