Rays got a girlfriend

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Keisha:that's what I thought ok well be bac at dinner time

Ray:ok(Keisha leaves)

Janette:thought that bitch would never leave


Sierra:I'm tired where is my room

Prod:I'll show you

Prince:NO I'll show you

Sierra:damn (prince is showing sierra his room) um so I'm sleeping in your room

Prince:yhea is that a problem

Sierra:nope ok well in taking a nap

Prince:can I join


Prince:well can I


(mean while everyone well is watching t.v)

Janette:I'm bored

Ray:do you want me to take you to the park


Roc: what the fuck son...why are you asking my girlfriend out

Janette:both of y'all chill the fucl out...um ray no because I go with roc and I don't cheat so yhea


Sierra:I'm back

Prince:y'all lets watch Insidious


Sierra:but I don't like scary movies

Prince:baby I got you

Sierra:ok sweetie

(everyone is watching the movie)

Janette:this bitch is dumb af your not supposed to go up there..wtf you do it anyways..dumbass

Ray:damn all in the movie

Sierra:(screams)oh my shit

Prince:(kisses Sierra)baby it's just a movie

Sierra:mhm(kisses back then sits on his lap)

Ray:(screams like a girl)uhuh I ain't tip toeing through no forest with you tf u mean)

Roc:janette sit on my lap(she does that and they start making out)

Janette:so bestfriend how are you and Sierra going

Prince:good...how's you and roc

Janette:gre...you dumb bitch that's why yo ass bout to die...great me and roc are great prince

Sierra:(whispers to janette)shes going to be here in 5 min

Janette:kaie (door bell rings)

Girls:well get it

Lexy:hey guys

Ray:(p.o.v dayummmmm she is fine p.o.v over)

Janette:Lexy this is ray ray

Sierra:this is prod and my boyfriend prince

Prod,prince:wassup Lexy

Ray:(mouth wide open)

Janette:um ray...RAY can you say hi

Ray:hey Lexy....damn you fine

Lexy:thank you :)

Janette:oh and this is my boyfriend Roc Royal

Roc:what's good

Prod:who wants to go clubbing before Keisha and money get here

Lexy:who is Keisha and money

Ray:our bitchy managers

Sierra:only Keisha tho Cus I never met money yet

Roc:come on let's go

(everyone gets in there clubbing close)

Roc:oh shit damn baby you look sexy

Janette:why thank you

Ray:so Lexy I want to dance with you tonight

Lexy:sure ray ray


Prince:dannnng (mouth drops) you is fine

Janette:we'll let's go

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