21 | Your Greatest Fear

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ALL INDIANA COULD HEAR were the heartbreaking sounds of loud crying when she fell asleep that night. It was a wonder Indiana didn't hear it the first few nights she was on Neverland, but now that she did, she hated it. The Lost Boys all around her seemed to be wailing with streams of tears pouring down their faces like waterfalls. Each cried out for someone, typically a parent or possibly a sibling. It confused and fascinated Indiana Jones. She knew that the Lost Boys got their name from feeling lonely and unloved, specifically by their family. That was how the Shadow was drawn to them in the first place.

The thought had never occurred to Indiana that the Lost Boys would miss their families so much. She had always assumed that the majority of them were happy on Neverland, but it seemed as though they weren't. If anything, it sounded like they wanted to leave, yet be as happy and free as they were on Neverland.

Neverland was the place where imagination ran wild. It wasn't anything like Indiana had experienced throughout her 16-years of living. Though the Enchanted Forest had magic and Dark Ones, Neverland had children to run things. It gave off the impression to Indiana that literally anything could happen on Neverland. You could visit blood-thirsty mermaids, sword-fight for the heck of it, and even become friends with your own shadow. Anything could happen, including Peter Pan kicking off Round 3 of his little game without Indiana knowing.

As Indiana Jones went to sleep, the depressing song of crying didn't stop. In fact, it somehow became stronger and stronger until Indiana was sure that someone was screeching in her ears. As her eyes closed, her eyes opened to dreamland.

Indiana stood in the middle of the forest. She recognized it within a heartbeat that she was in the Enchanted Forest. The crying was coming from somewhere around her. It wasn't quiet, but it wasn't loud. It was like it was coming from just a few feet away from her. Therefore, Indiana began to walk toward the sound until she stumbled upon a small child sitting in the forest, crying with her knees pressed against her chest.

The brunette stared down at the child in surprise and looked around, searching for some kind of parental figure. But alas, it seemed that the child was alone. Indiana crouched beside her. "Are... Are you okay?" Indiana wondered with a soft voice.

The child looked up, staring back at Indiana with large, blue-green eyes. "My-My Aunt Lucy is d-d-dead."

Taking a step back, Indiana's eyes widened.

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