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Since this summer, during which I started watching and reading GOT, I never fell in love with so many characters and also never hated more characters. To shorten my time whilst the season 7 is written I decided to write Y/A (or if you request name) imagines featuring the characters of the series.

Therefore, seeing as I run out of ideas rather quickly I'm opened for request. Before I even get any requests I will write some imagines that pop up in my brain.

There are many characters and I'm too lazy to write them all, if you don't see your character that doesn't mean I won't write for him/her, just leave a comment and I'll answer if I'm okay with writing a story about him/her.

🐺 - my favorites (meaning stories about them will be written faster)

💎 - neutral

💣 - not best at writing about them

☠ - Spoiler -> they're dead and if you want the story to be set at the time where they're already dead but you want them alive you have to point that out

I'll write for:

🐺 Petyr Baelish

🐺 Jon Snow

🐺 Daenerys Targaryen

💣 Brann Stark

🐺 ☠ Robb Stark

💎 Trystane Martell

💎 ☠ Grenn

💎 Theon Greyjoy

💎 Podrick Payne

💎 ☠ Renly Baratheon

🐺 Daario Naharis

💎☠ Oberyn Martell

💎 Loras Tyrell

💣 ☠ Nedd Stark

💎 Tyrion Lannister

💎 Jaime Lannister

💎 Bronn

💎 Gendry

💣 Samwell Tarly

💣Jaqen H'ghar

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