Beaming bright across the galaxies,

Your petals extend through heavens gate.

You waited until now to reveal yourself,

For the world it was worth the wait.

For autumn is your awakening,

While the world prepares for winter's sleep.

Summer has quickly slipped away,

While your colors of coral run deep.


The wind blew through her brunett hair , her smile was bright but not as bright as usal. I wanted to ask what was wrong I wanted to demand that she tell me ! I would do anything to make her happy. Im taking her somewhere nice somewhere cool. somewhere where it will only be us. Like it suppose to be.

I stared at the road. I could feel her gaze on me but I still kept my eyes on the road. "What's wrong Ashton?" she asked me. Her voice smooth like honey, deep like the sea , clear like the skies but taunting like a natural disaster. "Ash baby" her voice was urgent but I kept my mouth closed. If she wouldnt tell me what was wrong why should I have to tell her what was wrong with me? "Ashton don't be stubburn !" she snapped. But like I said if she's not telling me whats wong with her Im not telling her whats wrong with me. Silent Treatment.

We pulled up to the park. She looked out the window and her face instantly went bright. Yeah, im cheesy a moonlight walk on the trail through the woods. I parked the car there were many people leaving and coming but none headed to the trail. She was pratically bouncing in her seat and shouting at me "Let's go ! Let's go! Let G-O ". I couldn't help the smile from spreadingacross my face she's just to innocent. WAY to innocent. I walked to her side of the car opening the door for her and taking her hand she put her small hand in mine with a killer smile on her face. I smiled back at her. We started torward the trail just walking while she talked aimlessly about nothing in paticular.

"Ashton are you not gonna talk the whole time?" she asked while raising her left eyebrow? how she does it ... Ill never know.

"What do you wanna talk about Autumn?" I questioned she grinned at me I grinned back.

"Why were you so upset in the car? You were like ... I dunno pissed"

I laughed lightly bringing our intertwined fringers to my mouth and kissing them lightly and letting it fall back to our sides and rubbing my thumb over her hand in small circles "Why do you always exagerate everything" I questioned back.

"I dont" she scoffed in mock pritsyness " You were looking pretty pissed. Your face w as all " she paused to pull her lips down and bunch her noe up and cross her eyes" Im silent and not talking to you Autumn Rose" she said trying to copy my voice.

I chuckeld at her and shook my head "That face was not attractive. It's a good thing I love you already"

Her lips went into and 'o' while she nodded like she understood. Im not goanna lie she isnt that bright. But she's bright enough. "Sooooooooo Ashton why do you keep avoiding the question?"

She caught that? "Yes babe I caught that" she said anwswering the unsopken thought. I shook my head lightly and pecked her lips.

"I was upset because somethings wrong with you and you still havent told me, and dont deny it because Autumn Rose I was your bestfriend for 16 years . I know you better than you do"

"Mitchell called last night," she concluded with a distaste in her voice.

Mitchell, I know she felt the way my body went tense and how my form got still but Mitchell is not one to be played with. He's ... Dangerous and I dont like her talking to Him. "What did he say?"

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