The Tidings of Winter

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The forest floor is covered

In a colorful carpet of leaves,

The North wind whistles its eerie song

Through the barren branches of trees.

Soft flakes float like feathers

Falling without a sound,

They melt to glisten like morning dew

Once they touch the ground.

In the sky, the birds take flight

To form a ‘V’ shaped formation,

They know that they must travel far

To reach a warmer location.

The furry critters scurry about

Gathering food for their larder,

For they know the future months ahead

Will make finding food much harder.

Autumn is giving up her ghost

As the days grow shorter and colder,

And soon the world will have a blanket of white

For these are the tidings of winter.

Yvonne Horton November 20, 2013

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