Morocco Magic: Part 2

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Hello, Richard : Chapter 88
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Point of View: Maine - Alden



A medium-sized crowd of local fans flock toward Alden and his group as they arrive at the hotel lobby. Alden is pleasantly surprised by the warm smiles, gifts and letters the fans give him but his arms and hands can only hold so much so Maine offers to take them.

"Let me have them so you can sign and take pictures with them.", she whispers to Alden.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'll take care of out other things, too so the hotel staff can take them to our rooms.", Maine reasons but if she were to be honest, she really just wants some space from Alden right now - his pretty face and his sneaky hands.

The lesser skin contact the better.
I'm actually getting dizzy
just being so close to him.

Wait, that's not... lust... is it?

She takes as many of the fan gifts as she can from Alden's hands and their fingers actually accidentally brush against each other. Zap, it's like electricity again. Alden gives her a smirk, and couldn't stop the breathless and giddy whisper that escapes his lips.

"That always happens when we touch, did you notice?"

"What do you mean?", Maine replies with feigned innocence.

You know.
Something's going on here.

"Oh, come on..."

Alden's sentence is interrupted when a fan approaches Maine and gives her a dozen or so paper bags that obviously are too many for Maine to carry at one time.

"Here, Miss. They're for Alden. Don't open them, okay?", the fan tells Maine with obvious malice in her voice.

Before the bags fall on the floor, Alden grabs almost the entire loot in Maine's arms and loudly says for the crowd of fans to hear.

"Here, let's put all those in the trolley and let the bell boy bring those up together with our luggage."

He exaggeratedly fake whispers, "You should head up to our room so you can take a rest already."

Doesn't sound too bad, actually.


As they drop the gifts on to the trolley, Maine sheepishly thanks Alden for his thoughtful gesture.

"You didn't have to do that..."

but that was really sweet.

"No, Maine, she was rude to you..."

It kind of upset me.
It was infuriating.

"She's a jealous fan. Don't take it against her.", Maine tries to not make a big deal out of it.

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