A/N: Lol okay I made a mistake, so you were supposed to go to Scotland before you went to New York but oh well, now the trip is 11 places all together instead of 12, sorry.

Dan's P.O.V

"I found seats Dan!" Y/N shouted from the middle of the plane, I ran over to her. It would have been easier if I wasn't holding two book bags and a pink purse while dragging Phil along with me.

"Hey! What took you so long?" She smiled innocently.

"Well if you didn't hand me all the bags plus Phil it wouldn't have taken so long." I sassed back.

"Well that's why you're a wonderful boyfriend." She smiled and pecked my lips. 

"I am pretty great." I joked, the flight to Tulum was a 7 hour flight and we were flying at night. Y/N did better when flying at night, I know this because of her videos.

"You take the window seat, I'll get the coke and M&M's." I told her as I walked away.

"Okay, thanks." She said in a cheerful voice.

After about two hours or so Y/N fell asleep. She had rested her head on my chest and her arms were tucked in with her legs pressed to her body. I could feel her heart beat, it was calm and steady. She's so beautiful, how could I ever get her? Y/N is just so amazing and funny and creative and, ugh I could just go on forever.

"You really love her don't you?" Phil asked, snapping me out of my trance.

"Yeah, I do." I said glancing back down at her.

"I can tell, you've never looked at anyone like that before, you look at her like she's...everything." Phil said as he too glanced over to Y/N.

"She is." I told him as I kissed her forehead, there was a moment of silence until Phil piped up again.

"Has she had anymore night terrors?" Phil asked.

"No, they stopped as soon as I started sleeping in the bed with her." I told him.

"Oh, that's good. You do know what they're about right?" Had Y/N told him and not me?

"No, not exactly, I know I'm mentioned in it. She did tell me in Paris that she had a bad dream where I died though." Phil turned red, that's how I knew I was on to something.

"Well, you see the thing is-" I cut him off.

"It wasn't about me was is?" I asked in a bit of a shocked/panicked voice.

"Dan, it's not your fault, she is scared of losing you, that's all." Phil reassured me.

"Phil, tell me everything she told you." I said

"Okay fine, Y/N said that in the dream or whatever that you got shot and you died, she said in the dream that she couldn't deal with it and got really violent. She said losing you made her feel insane and hurt so much that she just broke." Phil said, my girlfriend was having night terrors because she was so scared of losing me? I'm not worth that, I caused this.

"It's my fault." I told him, of course it was, she was so pure and amazing, how could I bring this upon her?

"No Dan it's not, you helped her. She told me that when she has you in the bed she doesn't have to worry about losing you because you're right there." Phil said, he was trying to help but you could see saying that made him uncomfortable.

"Really? That's why? Because I helped her? Not just because she didn't want to smash a lamp?" I asked him.

"Yes really, now Dan, go to sleep." He told me.

"Sleep is for chumps." I sassed back.

"No. Sleep. Now." He commanded.

"Okay, fine Mum." I cut my eyes at him and he laughed while closing his eyes as well.


I was awoken by Phil violently shaking me while waking Y/N in the process. He was screaming something about "we're here!"

"Huh? What? I'm up!" I said as rolled around in the seat.

"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Y/N shot straight up.

"What was that?" Phil said as he started laughing.

"I, huh? What's happening?" She said while rubbing her cute little Y/E/C eyes.

"It's not Christmas babe." I told her as I sat up too.

"Oh, yeah, are-we in Mexico?" She yawned.

"Yeah." Phil answered her.

"Okay well it's like 4 in the morning so we my friends are going right back to sleep when we get to the hotel." She ordered as we started getting our stuff.

"Deal." I said.

When we got in the hotel Y/N dropped her stuff in one of the bedrooms and walked over to the one I had picked out.

"Okay time for bed!" She said as she jumped on my bed.

"Hey, uh, why don't you try and sleep in your room? It's not that I don't want you here it's just I think you can do it." I told her, I was determined to get the truth out of her.

"Oh, um, I'd rather not, I don't wanna break a lamp or something." She half smiled.

"Love, we both know that's not why you won't sleep by yourself." I told her.

"Phil told you didn't he?" Her small smile dropped.

"Yeah, why wouldn't you tell me that?" I asked.

"Because I know you and you would have blamed yourself and I really don't want that." She said as she scooted closer to me.

"Okay, well remember, I'm not going anywhere, your stuck with me." I told her as I took her hand into mine.

"Okay." She said to me.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

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