Chapter 29: Thorne Blood

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"Honestly Liam, this is embarrassing," I taunted.

Liam growled low to me, a warning. It was so easy to push his buttons. His wolf was super touchy when anyone pushed too hard, well, mostly when I pushed too hard.

He lunged at me and knocked me down. We rolled, and lucky for me I ended up on top. I socked him hard in the chest then jumped up and stalked backward.

My wolf was happy, the distraction Liam was providing calmed her down.

Today was Wednesday.

Today was the day that Evan would come to us.

After Levi hung up the phone he briefed me over my transfer, my wolf moaned sadly at the thought, she was so torn, and so was I. The night he told me that Evan was coming, I cried myself to sleep on Derek's shoulder. Thank God Derek was coming me. Apparently, Elliot would be here today and was going to travel with us. At least I had that much of my family going with me.

Every day that went by, it was like my heart became heavier and heavier while my nerves ate away at my soul. I felt like a time bomb had been strapped to my heart. It wasn't even bitter sweet, it was mostly bitter. I didn't want to leave my home or Levi. The only silver lining was the option to come back if I hated it, I was so happy this pack was on our border. My wolf was as well, it made her feel safe to know that Levi was nearby us.

But still.

My heart broke at the thought.

Everyday, my heart broke at the thought.

I would pass by Levi in the house, or see his wolf behind his eyes, and almost broke into tears. My wolf helped me keep it together though, everyday that drew near to Evan's arrival only made the itch more incessant. I felt like I was slowly breaking, like little pieces of my heart were chipping off.

How could I leave? It was a thought I had every day, yet in the same thought, I would wonder how could I not go? If I didn't, I was sure this itch would drive me insane, as was my wolf.

"Come on Char? I thought you liked being on top?" he shot back as he sprang to his feet.

I let out snarl vicious with a warning. "And I thought you liked being on the bottom?"

Liam's cocky smile faded quickly into a scowl as Remi and Derek bit back laughs. He lunged at me again; I dodged then kicked him in his kidney. He turned quickly and socked me good in my hip.

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