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YOUR POV, Manhattan Penthouse, 8:58 A.M.

It was such a beautiful day outside, birds are chirping, cars are honking and then suddenly,
My goddamn alarm started blaring something utterly loud and annoying. Hitting the blasted thing, I sat up and glared at the window outside my room.

Why can't I just have the night-shift at the lab today? Should I call my boss and persuade him?

I'm sure he'll be fine, but I really want to help him with this project of his.

I'm his favourite scientist anyways.

I stood up from my bed, not even bothering to fix it since it'll get messed up when I get home later in the evening. You see, the reason that I didn't want to fix my bed (and my room, too, mind you) is that this whole entire penthouse is ridiculously huge! My boss gave it to me when I successfully helped him build a full suit of war armour, and that was completely unnecessary! But still, I accepted it, only because it was in Manhattan, fairly close to the branch I was currently stationed in (and not to mention it was very expensive, since it was in the Bloomberg Tower).

With one last meaningful look, I left my room and went straight to the bathroom to take my shower. The bathroom, like my bedroom and the other rooms in my house, was huge. With a large bathtub, a shower, and two toilets and two sinks. If one visited my house, they would think that I had a spa in my bathroom.

After taking my shower, I went to the sink to brush my teeth. I glanced at my reflection on the mirror.

'Hm, dull (E/C) eyes, (H/L) (H/C) hair, plump lips. What's new?' I mused, before I rolled my eyes and spat the foamy toothpaste residue on the sink and then finished my other morning rituals.

Ensuing my trip to the bathroom and the closet (in which I put on very light make-up and then donned a simple (F/C) dress underneath my favourite white lab coat), I grabbed my bag and keys before I left to go to my car.

As usual, the traffic in NYC was stupid, going to the subway might've been more helpful, but then again, my workplace is so far from any of the stops. The office-slash-lab was close enough and I could've walked, but I didn't want to smell like smoke and pollution.

A smart, single woman shouldn't smell like that. I'm trying to find a potential boyfriend, not repel them.

Maybe if I didn't have a book constantly tucked under my nose during my college years, I could've scored that cute guy from Gotham University.

What was his name again?

Ricky? Rocky? Richard?

Ha! In my dreams! Who would've dated me in college? Hell, I wasn't even allowed to go to mixers because my dad wouldn't allow me; he'd usually say:

'Darling, you shouldn't associate yourself with people like them; they're just after our wealth and status! Why don't you befriend people from OUR circle?'

Or he'd suggest that:

'Darling, why don't you date one of the Wayne boys? They seem nice.'

My dad, as a matchmaker?

Uh, no thanks.

I'd rather marry a sack of rice.

After arriving at the lab, I gave the keys to Sam, the company valet, who, in turn, greeted me good morning with a handsome smile. I greeted him back before going inside and then getting greeted by our receptionist Dean.

"Good morning (Y/N), the boss is waiting for you in his office. He said it's urgent." Dean began, his forest green eyes twinkling.

"How the hell do you have so much energy today, Dean?" I playfully grunted, making him laugh. "Anyways, I'll catch you later, wouldn't want to keep the old man waiting."

"Alright, don't miss me too much!" He called out before I walked towards the elevator and pressed the up button.

I went inside and pushed the 30th floor's button.


The ride up was fairly quick, so I found myself in my boss' office in no less than a mere few minutes. I was greeted by Mercy, the boss' PA and chauffeur, the moment I stepped out of the elevator car.

"Good morning, miss (Y/N), he's been waiting for you." Mercy gave me a soft smile as she walked through me through the long hallway leading to my boss' office.

"I've been informed, Mercy." I smiled at her as I tucked my hands in either side of my lab coat's pockets. "By the way, what did the big man say about the overhauled version of the Nuclear Kryptonite Ray-Gun?"

"He loved it, says that next time he won't get shot and then killed by himself." Mercy replied, a hint of amusement in her voice. "The boss even continued rambling about how he was made a fool of by that Supergirl etcetera, etcetera, yada yada."

We both shared a laugh before we stopped in front of the two-door giant varnished Nara doors, before Mercy opened them revealing the boss' chair which was turned to the large glass windows behind him.

"Miss (Y/N) is now here, sir, I shall leave now if that's all that you need, sir."

"No, that is all, thank you Mercy." The boss replied, raising his hand and then waving it dismissively. "Oh, before I forget, please have the car ready by 10 p.m. sharp, we have a charity event to go to."

With a firm 'yes, sir', Mercy left us.

The chair turned, revealing my boss in his pristine black business suit. He gave me an endearing smile as he motioned to the plush leather seats in front of us.

"Have a seat, (Y/N)." He ushered, waiting for me to seat down before he stood up to take a small walk around the room.

"Why is it that you called me here, Mr.Luthor?" I asked curiously, after watching him walk around his large office for a few minutes.

"Oh darling, Mr.Luthor sounds too comme il faut;" He chaffed lightly, making me grunt. Are dads usually like this towards their daughters? "You shouldn't be too proper with me, my dear."

"Dad, I swear to the sweet baby Jesus--"

"Jeez alright, you're beginning to sound like your grandfather and sister Maria combined." He raised his hands in defeat, before walking back to his seat and giving me a very serious look. "I called you here because it seems that there has been a member of the Bat family that has been lurking on our building."

My eyes widened, I felt my throat running dry as I went on his table and then furiously slammed my hands on his mahogany desk.

"Dad, don't tell me that it's Batman, or that goddamned Alien in his mother's drapes." I growled. "If one, JUST one of my--our research has been foiled by ANY of them, then our plan will be doomed to fail."

"Then, what are you proposing to do, darling?" He asked, with a smirk.

"Kill them." I replied simply.

"Spoken like a true Luthor, my dear." Dad laughed atrociously, but then smiled. "But no, darling, it's not those parading morons."

"Then who is it, dad?" I asked, sinking back to my chair as I intertwined my fingers and then rested my chin on top of them.

"It's that fabled black sheep of the Batfamily, my darling (Y/N)." Dad replied coldly before turning to face the window, his back turned towards me. "Red Hood, the vigilante."

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