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WARNING: Story contains; Abuse, Swearing, Gore. May not be suitable for those younger, read at your own risk!


Things you need to know:

(Y/N) = Your Name

(E/C) = Eye Color

(H/C) = Hair Color

(F/C) = Favourite Color

(S/F/C) = Second Favourite Color

(Fu/C) = Fur color (Yes, your a Neko (Cat girl)

(P/N) = Pets Name


//(Y/N)'s POV\\

I groaned silently as Laurence's alarm clock went off, I was against Laurence's chest, feeling him reach over I flinched as he threw the alarm clock at the wall, yep he's not In a good mood. Hearing a knock at the room door I went to go get It but Laurence shot me a glance making me stay sitting on the bed. My tail swished behind me, tickling my arm as It brushed against It. Laurence opened the door to reveal Dante, I waved towards him as I don't like to talk, Dante gave a small wave back. "Laurence, did you smash your alarm again?" Dante sighed as Laurence shrugged. "What I can't help It, It's extremely annoying In the morning,"  Laurence chuckled, scratching the back of his neck, oh only If Dante knew how he really was.. I hissed at the two chasing them out of the room so I could change. Getting changed In a (F/C) T-shirt and some (S/F/C) half pants I walked out, my (Fu/C) ears twitching to the noises around the busy house, surprisingly the boys weren't messy slobs. Spotting Garroth I literally jumped on my older brother, knocking him off the couch and onto the floor. "Why hello baby sister," Garroth chuckled, petting my (Fu/C) ears. I let out a soft purr before getting off of my brother. I'm mute, I don't speak due to 'reasons' I've been this way for years and rarely talk, but like a house cat I communicate with actions better than words. Garroth got up off the carpet, only for me to plop down onto the soft material of It, I heard Travis laugh. "I swear (Y/N) acts more like a cat each and every day," Travis smiled, walking over to me, Laurence glared at Travis from the kitchen, Travis shrugged and sat down In front of me, pulling out a string. My pupils slit as I watched him dangle It back and forth. My fingernails turned Into claws and my size shrunk, looking down I smiled seeing I had paws, yep I can turn Into a cat! And here's one aspect the boys hate the most, I'm a longhair so I shed EVERYWHERE!  I lunged for the string as Travis moved It away, Travis pulled It along the ground, running after It, I leapt upwards as Travis yanked It up, only for me to literally do a flip and land back on the carpet on my side. (Our cats used to do that a lot XD) Dante and Travis were laughing as I panted. "Man, she must really want that string." Dante smiled, Laurence came and sat on the couch, I got up and leapt onto the couch, laying down In Laurence's lap. My (Fu/C) fur spread out as I lay there, still panting. Hey, cats sweat through panting. "Yep, defiantly his cat." Travis smiled at me and Laurence, soft purrs came from me as Laurence's hand ran softly over my pelt. "Hey Laurence, can you come help me get some groceries from the store?" Garroth asked, I like It when Laurence Is being nice to me, why does he abuse me when others aren't around? Why? "Fine, but you owe me Garroth!" Laurence called, I leapt off of Laurence's lap, rolling around on the couch, smirking. I'm going to go shed on Garroth's bed! "Yea, I owe you food!" Garroth laughed as the two left for the store, I squeaked as Dante picked me up, my (Fu/C) bristling. "Calm down, (Y/N)" Dante laughed, placing me on his lap, I gave a small purr out as I felt a brush waver through my long fur. Dante smiled, as I relaxed, I liked my fur being brushed the only one I allow to brush me Is Dante, I trust him. Once Dante was finished I leapt off his lap and headed towards Garroth's room, time to shed over all his stuff! I'll start with his bed... I leapt onto Garroth's bed, rolling all over It, looking at his blanket I smirked, he'll be so mad!  Ooooo, hanging clothes! I bounded towards his closet, I jumped up, grabbing a random shirt with my claws and yanking It down, oops... I ripped It, oh fudge It's his favourite shirt! Um, I was never here! I dared out of my brothers room, Ignoring that he left his laptop open with an Garmau fanfiction open. I meowed In surprise as Travis picked me up. "Oh, what have you been up to, (Y/N)?" He grinned, my pupils slit as I tried to escape his grasp, Travis walked Into Garroth's room, laughing at the sight. Oh I forgot to add I knocked his books everywhere! "Man, Garroth's going to be pissed!" Travis laughed, as Dante came In. "About wh- Oooohhhhhh....." Dante realized I had wrecked my brothers room. "Dang! Even his favourite shirt, Savage (Y/N), Savage!" Travis laughed walked back out and placing me down. I scurried back to mine and Laurence's room, shifting back. Running a brush through my hair I walked out, placing the brush down on a table near the door. My tail swished behind me as my (E/C) eyes shifted sound the room before spotting something. Bingo! I snatched Travis' candy and ran out the front door. "(Y/N)!" Travis yelled and ran after me, I silently giggled, running towards Zane's house, another big brother of mine. I knocked on his door, Travis was getting closer, as Zane opened the door I slipped past him as Travis was inning towards the front door. "Close It!" I mouthed, Zane shut the door, locking It. Looking to me he eyed the candy bar In my hand. "Again, (Y/N)?" Zane chuckled as I nodded. "Yep!" I quietly spoke, my voice just above an whisper, I only really talk to Zane and Vylad other than that I rarely ever speak. I giggled as I leapt onto Zane's couch, bouncing around as I held the candy bar, It was a Mars candy bar, one of m favourites and Travis just happened to have It so I stole It! My brothers know I'm quite sensitive to sugar so I rarely get It! "Now don't go shedding all over my couch, missy." Zane had his hand on his hip, acting like our mom. "Okay, mom" I giggled, opening the chocolate bar I split It In half, giving half to Zane. "Thanks," Zane smiled, I smiled back at my big brother, beginning to nibble on the chocolate bar. Not even half way through I was becoming hyper, shoving the rest Into my mouth my eyes lit up as I jumped onto Zane's carpet and literally rolled on It. "At least It wasn't catnip...." Zane sighed, as I used my hands to swat as his legs. "(Y/N)! I don't need cat scratches all over my legs!" Zane scolded, hissing at him I continued to play on his carpet, my pupils were slit as I nearly tackled a cat toy that lay on the ground, turning back to my cat form I continued to lunge and swat the cat toy that was connected to a cat tree.

 "(Y/N)! I don't need cat scratches all over my legs!" Zane scolded, hissing at him I continued to play on his carpet, my pupils were slit as I nearly tackled a cat toy that lay on the ground, turning back to my cat form I continued to lunge and s...

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The boys sooooooo need one of these In the house! Then I wouldn't be bored all the time! Leaping to the second perch I leapt onto the highest one, laying down, my (Fu/C) spread out upon the little bed that was up there. A small yawn escaped me as I curled up, making myself comfortable. Looking towards Zane I saw him smile as he watched me drift off to sleep on the cat tree.

A/N Yay! Welcome to 'Tears' My first ever X Reader!


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