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A NUMBER OF THINGS had crossed Indiana Jones's mind upon discovering that Peter Pan had summoned her the following morning

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A NUMBER OF THINGS had crossed Indiana Jones's mind upon discovering that Peter Pan had summoned her the following morning. She didn't know too much about the boy, just that he was absolutely psychotic. She also knew that he was the ringleader of Neverland, which was why she hadn't seen or heard of anyone else during her time on the island. Indiana seemed to have a problem with getting involved with people of power, including the Dark One and all of the kingdoms that she was a wanted criminal in.

As mentioned before, Indiana had thought of several different things that she would encounter that morning. She thought she would have to fistfight a crocodile or maybe even shoot other various fruits off of people's heads. Sword-fighting one of the Lost Boys most definitely wasn't on that list.

Staring at the shiny object in her hands, Indiana rubbed the hilt of the sword. She looked up and stared at Peter, unamused. "Unless you want me to poke my own eye out, I suggest you take this away from me," Indiana blandly told the boy, who chuckled at her. "You think I'm kidding, but you won't be laughing when you see my eyeball rolling around on the ground. Or perhaps you will, considering you're as mad as the rest of them."

"You're quite creative, aren't you?" Peter rhetorically wondered. He strolled around her as he continued to speak to her. "It's just like using a dagger... a really big dagger."

"It's easier said than done, darling," Indiana mocked. The girl stuck the sharp end of the weapon into the dirt and placed her hands on her hips. "In case you somehow forgot, I'm Indiana Jones. I use a poisonous whip, not an extra large toothpick."

He hummed in response. "Yes, I know," he told her. "However, I'm curious. You still refuse to tell me what your motives are, so I decided to test you and learn a bit more about you."

"And what makes you think that I'll listen to you next time? I can easily run off or leave this realm whenever I want," Indiana confidently declared, sticking her hand in her pocket to finger the magic bean that still sat quietly in her pocket. Her cockiness faded once she didn't feel the bean in her pocket.

Looking up at Peter, she scowled when she realized that he was holding the magic bean in the air. "Nice try, but I could sense the magic on that thing from miles away," Peter informatively mentioned. "Besides, no one leaves without my permission. In case you somehow forgot, I'm Peter Pan. I run things around here."

"Yeah, I know," Indiana said. "You're the King of Neverland."

Peter smirked at her. "There are no Kings in Neverland. Just me," he corrected. "As I was saying, I know where everyone is on this island at all times. Nothing gets past me. If you even tried to swim all the way back home, the mermaids would get you before my Lost Boys. You've seen my Lost Boys. They're a lot less animalistic than mermaids. I suggest you weigh your options before you try anything."

Indiana rolled her eyes, but she couldn't help but gulp. She didn't even know that mermaids existed. As a child, she had heard all kinds of stories about them from the sailors that came and went. They talked about how beautiful and mesmerizing they were, but they never actually described how mermaids were actually monsters. Indiana shivered, not wanting to meet them any time soon.

The game was simple. Peter liked to say that it was "Round 2." All Indiana had to do was fight and defeat one of the Lost Boys on the island. If she could do so, then she would be able to eat dinner that night. Indiana was more than determined to defeat this so-called boy, mostly because she was starving and really wanted something to eat. Nonetheless, she was beginning to doubt herself because she was going against the best swordsman on the island (next to Peter, apparently).

His name was unimportant to Indiana. The more she stared at him, the more he began to look like a 5'7" tall piece of chicken. If she tried to shake it off, he would merely morph into some other kind of food. Indiana felt hopeless in this situation.

The boy got into some kind of fighting stance while the girl merely attempted to mock what he was doing. Just a few feet past her opponent, Indiana could see Frankie peering over at her with amusement in his eyes. She glared at him before shifting her attention to what was now in front of her, which was the Lost Boy's sword.

Jumping back, Indiana ducked as he swung the shiny object at her. The games had commenced, which meant that other Lost Boys had begun to cheer right in her ear. Indiana did her best to duck and jump to the side, but she was eventually given a fair amount of puncture wounds until she dropped her weapon and surrendered.

"You lasted a lot longer than I thought you would," Peter Pan admitted while clapping his hands and walking toward the girl.

She gave the terrifying boy a hard glare. "You're annoying, you know that?" she hissed.

He smirked at her. "Well people don't terrify me because I'm tall, dark, and handsome," he said, giving Indiana another sense of déjà vu. "I hope you're excited for tonight. We're having Hazelnut Soup."

Eyes widening, Indiana's stomach growled loudly, earning another demonic laugh from the cruel boy. Indiana wasn't going to be eating much that night.

That night, Indiana couldn't help but feel like something was eating her alive. The more she forced herself to not think about her aunt's Hazelnut Soup, the more she felt sad. She felt sad over her death and sad over her stomach's death. All Indiana wanted to do was sink her teeth into a piece of meat or have dozens of bowls of soup.

Something nudging her grasped her attention as she sat with her legs crossed. Indiana looked to her right, spotting Frankie holding a bowl of soup. Her eyes widened as he motioned for her to take it. "You're not hungry?" Indiana wondered worriedly.

Frankie shook his head, waving her off as she began to devour the liquid. "I have good news," Frankie said with a low voice. "I know where Pandora's Box is."

Indiana coughed, nearly choking on the hot liquid going down her throat. "What? How? Where is it?" Indiana demanded, firing one question after another. All she wanted was to steal the stupid box and her magic bean, and get off the stupid island that was Neverland. She didn't care to know how he was still alive or around, as long as she could get the box.

With that, he began to whisper the information he had in her ear. A newfound hope had struck her. For the first time since she'd been imprisoned on this island, she believed that she could get home.

But then again, what exactly was she going home to?

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