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"Y/N how long will you be out today?" my mom called out as I grabbed my keys to my jeep from the rack by the door.

"I don't know the last time dad made Vic and I stay longer because the sales weren't coming in" I said opening the door.

"And why do you think that is?" she asked now standing in front of me with her arms crossed.

"I don't know I ditched remember?" I casually said.

"Oh I remember and I also remember your father being very upset when he found out" I sighed and messaged my temples not in the mood for another argument.

"The only reason he was bugging about it was because he owns the business" I complained

"That's not true. Don't make your dad seem like the bad guy here." she said. I rolled my eyes. "That is why you will be on main shift at the Italian ice stand today" she said pushing me outside.

"What!? But that's Vic's job, I'm supposed to hand out flyers" I exclaimed now standing on the other side off the doorway.

"Not anymore" she replied closing the door in my face. I groaned aloud and kicked the door. The door swung open and my mom stuck her head out.

"Kick my door again and you want have a place to live. Okay? Good talk" she said then closed the door in my face once again. I sighed and got in my truck then drove to the beach.

When I arrived I got the usual catcalls from guys and girls but I ignored them. The reason being; I'm not that kind of girl. I made my way to the beach and surveyed the area. The tide was pretty high so that meant a lot of surfers or was it the other way around? Whatever. All I know was that the beach was packed today more than usual. I grabbed the cart from the lock up and made my way to the area of the beach close to the lifeguard stand. I couldn't see who it was because the person seemed to be on the ground surrounded by a lot of people instead of on top of the chair keeping watch. Of course typical lifeguards. The only reason they were here was to show off their terrific bodies to everyone. I have a nice body too but you don't see me parading around in a two piece.

I continued setting up shop. After about ten minutes I was finally done and it was a go. When I looked up from my phone there was a long line of people at the stand. I've only worked at the stand three times before and each time I had a long line. Vic usually had one too but not as long as mine was. Speaking of Vic where was he. I searched around for him but to my luck I couldn't find him. Just great.

"What do you want? " I asked the muscular fellow in line who was looking me up and down. Gross.

"What are your specials? " he asked propping his arm on the stand.

"I don't know" I exclaimed turning ny snapback around.

"You're a rude bitch" he said to me. I smiled sweetly at him.

"That's great. Next!" I called out. The guys mouth dropped open. I shooed him away and he left the line with his head hung low.

Twenty people in and the line still hadn't gotten any shorter. I hope these people know there's more than one stand. I heard someone laughing so I looked up from the flavored ice to see who it was.

"This is perfect " Lauren said through laughter

"I'm glad you think this funny." I said crossing my arms

"Just give me a second" she said stepping out of the line and coming in cart with me. I took the next couple of people's order while Lauren wrapped her arms around my waist and layed her head on my shoulder. I know what you're thinking but we're not dating. Lauren has been my best friend for years now and we always acted like a couple. It's just the way we are. I turned to Lauren and smiled. She smiled back it was pretty cute.

"Um excuse me?" I heard a voice say. I turned my head away from Lauren to the intruder and was immediately awestruck. She was beautiful. She had long brown hair and chocolate brown eyes to match. She wore a hat that said lifegaurd with a red two piece. I chocked on my spit as my eyes landed on her tone abs.

"H-hi" I stuttered out as I realized I hadn't said anything.

"Sorry to interrupt you two but my little sister Sofia wanted some flavored ice and this is the closest stand" she said

"Little sister? " I asked looking around

"Yeah she's right here " I looked down to see an adorable little girl who semmed to be either six or seven.

"Hello cutie" I said smiling at the little girl. She shyly waved.

"She's so cute" I said to the tan girl next to her. Sofia blushed and hid her head in the side of the girls leg.

"She's usually not this nervous. I think she likes you" the girl said in a loud whisper. I laughed as the little girl groaned aloud.

"What'll it be..." I trailed of hoping to get a name

"Camila" she adding in with a smile. I smiled back at her. I felt Lauren remove her hands from around me but I paid it no mind.

"Camila" I said

"One misty mango" she told me. I got to work making it.

"None for yourself?" I asked once I handed the ice to Sofia

"No I'm not allowed to have any type of artificial sweeteners while I'm on duty" she frowned.

"I won't tell" I said smiling. She laughed.

"How much do I owe you?" she asked

"It's on the house" I replied

"No I insist" she proclaimed searching through the small purse in her hand.

"Camila" I said stopping her from searching through her purse. She looked up at me stilling her actions.

"It's fine" I said she smiled.

"Thank you so much. Sofie what do you say?" Camila asked the adorable little girl

"Thank you" she said just above a whisper

"Don't mention it" I replied

"Well we have to go thanks again" she said while walking away. I nodded. I turned around to speak to Lauren again but she was gone. Where did she go I thought to myself. I shrugged it off and took my cart to lock up. After turning in the necessary things, I got in my jeep and drove home.

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