11: Ayaz's New Home

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teaches us to appreciate
the days we are able to spend
together and distance
teaches us the meaning of
it is a reminder that every
moment is special and every moment should be cherished"

Words used : 1718

The chapter is mostly only about Ayaz and the rooms in the house with pictures except a few paragraphs down, I thought some people might like it because I enjoyed imagining and writing in my personal book


~AYAZ'S P.O.V ~.

Dad had bought a house in a city called Perth. The house had five bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a hall, kitchen, a narrow balcony and a garage till were I could discover in a day.

My new bedroom was black in color.

I was in the middle of my escapade around my room when I heard my dad's voice

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I was in the middle of my escapade around my room when I heard my dad's voice.

"How do you like your bedroom, son? " he asks.

"I love it, its in my favourite color.. Thanks dad! " I say giving him a side hug as he pats my back.

"It's good to know you like it" and the silence hung, a comfortable one. I went to the cupboard opening it which was soon to be filled with my clothes and ran my hand over the smooth surface of wood. I glanced at dad who was still standing there quietly as I half expected him to say something else, raising an eyebrow.

"Is there any problem dad? Do you want to day something?" I voiced the questions lingering in my mind for the past few minutes.

"well... Yeah.... I came here to say you that your high school will be starting in a week" he dropped the bomb on me. My high-school! In a week? I don't even know the address to my house! And there comes the hell Hole.

"What! ? Dad already I just came.... and wait! I got an admission also? When? where? " I ask anxiously.

He says I will be going in 'Perth Amboy High School'. He talks about how it is and then he goes to sleep . I wander on the upper floor my feet leading just anywhere inside the house because you really can't learn the whole house map in a few hours of your arrival, I'm afraid I forgot the way to my own room, having no idea where to go I wander and wander soon finding myself in front of my sis room.

"Hey sis! " I bellow in a bored tone with my hands shoved in my pocket nervous about the high school fiasco and having a lot of things in my mind can exhaust the calories out you no matter how much food you eat or whatever way you try to escape it, it just stays in your head like and unwanted app draining all your battery.

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