( Tittle your story part )

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Play whenever same thing as the last one. Helps explain the story a little.

Max's pov
"Wow It's been a whole year since I came back." I mumble to myself as I listen to the music from my alarm. "Welp I guess it's time to get up." I say as I put in my ear bud and turn off the alarm. I start singing along "My legs are dangling off the edge. The bottom of the bottle is my only friend. I think I'll slit my wrist again and I'm gone gone gone gone-" I hum the rest as I get ready. Today is the day it's officially half way through the school year, half way to being in 10th grade. Ya I'm the most feared in the school but I don't care I like it that way. People don't mess with me, and I don't mess with them. Did I have homework yesterday? I wounder to myself as I pour the milk into my bowl of off brand frosted flakes. I eat them then comb my hair and brush my teeth. "BYE MOM BYE DAD SEE YOU AFTER SCHOOL!!" I holler as I step out and begin my routine walk.

I eventually arrive at school and sigh, ceasing my stride for a moment, rolling back and forth on my heels. "Hello darkness. My old friend." I continue walking twords the front doors. But then spot something strange.

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