Chapter 4: Uplanned Photoshoots.

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(Kristen's POV)

Joe prepared a big brunch for us, even tho we said don't waste the time just order McDonnalds. It was actually pretty good. I finished eating then grabbed my camera. I waited for a bit to let the boys finish eating. Once they got done I turned it on and started taking photos of them. They didn't notice at first, then Joe spotted me.

"No no Kris." He said and dove to grab my camera. I moved before he could and watched him hit the ground.

The others looked to see what we were doing.

"No camera." Joe said.

"Yes camera. Do you know how much the fans would love to see you... Just being you? Not all pressured, dressed up, and everything. Just. Relaxed. Boys being boys." I said. They looked at each other. They then nodded.

"Alright." They said. Pete, Andy, and Joe then ran out of the room, leaving me and Patrick alone. I pulled out a bottle of migraine medicine and handed him two pills.

"Be right back. Gonna go get changed." I said and walked outside to my topkick and pulled out a bag with cloths in it.

I then walked outside and went into the bathroom and changed out of my cloths into a purple Panic! At the Disco shirt, black Yellowcard sweatpants, grey fuzzy boots, white Fall Out Boy Save Rock and Roll bracelts and a Fall Out Boy guitar pick neckless. I pulled my hair down from its bun then put it back up into a better messy bun and put my glasses on.

I put my other cloths into the bag and carried it outside then threw them into the backseat of my truck. I walked back inside and sat back down beside Patrick.

"Nice outfit." Patrick said as soon as he saw me.

"Thanks." I chuckled and smiled.

"No!" Pete ran through the living room, Joe followed him with a water gun.

"Oh dear lord." Patrick said and leaned back as I smiled and took a photo of them.

Andy walked back in with a pair of drum sticks and plopped down beside me. Of course, he lost the shirt and was in a pair of basketball shorts with flip flops. He started tapping the coffee table in front of us.

(~A Few Hours of Randomness Later~)

Pete laid in a chair relaxing, Joe was laying on the floor with a beer in his hand, and Patrick, Andy, and I were sitting on the couch with cokes and popcorn watching Vines. We all got into the habit of finding big sunglasses and calling them water bugs. Thanks Alx James.

"Anyone up for a movie or marathon night?" I asked.

Joe lifted his head off the floor and Pete opened an eye. They both looked at me.

"What kind of movies or shows?" Pete asked.

"Honestly, whatever Patrick has." I said.

"How bout, we watch The Hunger Game." Patrick said.

"Alright." We said and Patrick went to the movie shelf and picked out the Hunger Games and put it in.

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