Chapter Seven - Part Two

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We were informed that when night was to fall they would release us in the nearest town so that we could find a Court guarded post and could further be escorted to our destination. We were told that as the plan unfolded there would be messengers providing us with the information we needed and nothing more. While we worked for them now they needed to keep all information on a need to know basis. The most they could reassure Zek was that they had powerful people in powerful places and would use their favors to ensure our choices were well rewarded.

It was a lot to offer and for now it would have to be enough. As we were escorted from the room Tommy followed us closely behind eager to speak but no longer being granted access by the people running the show in this part of the rebellion. From the room we walked down a long open walkway lined with hundreds of people watching eagerly at us. The Green parents escorted us to a small, white and circular stage in the center. As we topped it, the four of us were levitated into the air, a bright green light surrounding us as we did so. We had become weightless.

Remington Green spoke to the masses, his voice being projected much further than what a normal range would have caused. I could feel the eyes watching me closely, judging me and making their final judgments before the announcement was said.

“Friends, we are gathering here today to make another triumph in our cause. The newest Bin-Rah, Kalawei, has committed herself to our cause.” The moment Remington finished speaking, applause fell over the crowed and rejoice ran through the eyes and mouths of all the refugees living in this underground hideout while their work was overran by terrorists.

I wasn’t sure how it was this family knew they could trust an entire crowd or group of people with such information but I felt I needed to trust their decision to do so. Obviously, the hardest part seemed to have been over when it came to dealing with the stranger in their home and it was time for us to move on to bigger fish.

“In the coming months, change is going to be great and swift,” Annah then spoke as the crowd started to calm, “Our rise will come soon and when it does we will be ready. Much as we have, the Courts have anticipated this Bin-Rah’s arrival highly. If it were not for the words of the Gods, we might not have had the chance to even meet her. Tradition, this time, played to our favor.

“Kalawei will continue her travels to the capitol. From there we will truly be granted the gift of insight and can finally devise a fully functioning plan to take back the freedom that had been so swiftly taken from us years ago.”

Again, cheers spread through the hall. No one could have been happier than the people there looking to me like a key to a door that had been locked for years. I felt the nerves rushing off of Zek, the confusion so thick and torment so abundant it started to show in his scrunched brow. Before he could react too poorly, I took his hand and gave him the lightest of smiles. It would be just enough to reassure him before we were sent forward on a quest that would primarily be lined with lies and espionage.

When the announcements had passed, we were lowered and met with several other men waiting to take us to our drop off point so that we could continue the ruse of travelers to the Courts on the Inner Circle. While we were rushed, I could hear Tommy’s voice as she tried to scream over the chants of the people and move between them with her small frame. It was only once we’d reached a restricted area that did not allow the masses to follow us that Tommy made her way through the large guards and to our transport crate.

“Kala, I want to go with you and Zek to the Inner Circle.” She was a little out of breath and pink in the face from all the running and pushing. I had seen she traded out the fancy new clothing for her disguise as a pauper boy once more and shook my head.

“It’s too dangerous for you to travel with us. It’s safe here.” I tried my best but she was hard headed.

“That’s what the last group of rebels told me. Since I lost my family, the Rebellion has become the only home I have ever known. That’s why I can’t sit here and watch it get burned down… not again.” Tommy had a morbid look on her face, one of the same seriousness I’d seen when she proved herself useful during the last attack we experienced.

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