Author's Note

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We're finally here - at the very end of Luke and Kiara's journey. When I first came up with the idea of a girl finding a vampire in an abandoned asylum, I never imagined it would be the start of an entire trilogy, and I never imagined that the trilogy would receive this much love and support.

To everyone who has read, voted for, or commented on the Darkness Falls trilogy, I cannot thank you enough. These books have taken me on a rollercoaster, and every single part of it has been worth it for my wonderful readers.

It is always hard saying goodbye to characters, but when one journey ends, another one must begin. This is the end of Luke and Kiara's journey, but in case anyone doesn't know, I have been working on a brand-new vampire story called Belle Morte, which I hope will be the start of a new series. As always, all my stories can be found on my profile.

So once again, thank you all you wonderful, amazing people

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So once again, thank you all you wonderful, amazing people. Thank you for making these books so rewarding to write. Thank you for brightening my day with all your lovely comments and messages of support. Thank you for making this experience all the more incredible.

I hope we can share many more journeys in the future :)


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