Chapter 11

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Daveed's P.O.V
"What do you mean you can't help me?" I said to the police at the station. It had been 12 hours sense Ivy went missing.
"You can file a missing person's report after 24 hours sir." Sh said
"I can't wait 24 hours. Do you know what could happen in 24 hours."
"Sir I'm sorry."
"Listen to me. My girlfriend is missing. OK. An her apartment is a mess. I need someone out there looking for her."
"We can drive by her apartment."
"OK fine." I said writing down the address.
I left the station and walked...... Well limped out to Anthony's car.
"So?" He said.
"They can't do anything until after 24 hours." I said.
"Really?" I shook my head yes.
"So what are you going to do now?"
"I am going to find her."
"Daveed come- "
"Don't even try and talk me out of this. I love her OK. I don't want to be without her and I can't imagine myself with anyone else."
"Nicole." He said. I looked at him with a 'what?' Face
"Nicole. Remember how psycho she went after she found out about you and Ivy?"
"Oh my god. Let's go."

Ivy's P.O.V
"You know they are looking for me." I said to Nicole. She was just sitting there watching me.
"He was going to purpose you know. I was going to say yes."
"Shut up I am talking! He loved me. I knew he loved me. He never said it but he didn't have to I just knew. We would have had 3 kids and lived upstate and life would have been perfect. But you came and messed it up." She said pacing back and forth.
"I am sorry you feel that way but what do you think you will accomplish keeping me down here?"
"Well Daveed will come looking for you and when he sees me, he will fall madly in love with me all over again." I laughed. I laughed so hard my stomach began to hurt.
"And you really think that will work?" I ask trying to control my laugher.
"Nothing can go wrong." Sh said leaving. I Burt into laugher again. She really is crazy!

Hahahaha!!!! Hope you like this chapter!!!!

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