Chapter 10

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Ivy's P.O.V
I woke up in a dark wet place.
"Where am I?" I thought. I went to wipe my face, only to find my hands and feet tied together.
"Hello! Can anyone here me!" I shouted. I heard a door open.
"Oh shut up. No one can hear you down here." I saw Nicole walk towards me.
"Where the hell am I?" I asked
"Some where your precious boyfriend can't find you. And even if he could he is too cripple to help you any way." She said laughing.
"You sick little bitch." I said.
"No! You are the bitch! You took everything from me! Everything!" She shouted. I rolled my eyes.
"A guy is not everything." I said.
"He was my everything!"
"Sounds like you need to learn to be more independent." I said she slapped me. I spat out blood.
"You are going to pay." She said holding my face.
"You are going to rot in hell." I responded. She left me in the dark room by myself again.

OK I know this was short but I just couldn't wait!!!!

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