Always: A Harry Potter Poem.

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Disclaimer: The characters of Severus Snape, Lily Evans and any other mentioned, as well as the entire Potter realm, belong to JK Rowling. I am just a fan, writing a poem.


She is beauty, in the simplest form,

My guardian, you see,

 The only thing that stops,

The never ending darkness, from engulfing me.

So innocent and pure,

Into me she breaths life,

Makes it worth going,

Through all of this strife.

I miss her so much,

More than I can say,

Why oh why,

Does life have to be this way?

Yet every time I see her,

That beautiful doe,

I realize she’s watching,

That much I know.

I wonder if she’s proud,

That I changed my life around,

Now got both feet,

Firmly on the ground.

Yet I don’t want to live this life,

A double agent, a spy,

Sometimes I look around,

And ask myself, why?

Is there much point,

With the Dark Lord so strong?

I know this will not end well;

I can only hope I am wrong.

Time is running out;

The end is so near,

So listen to me Lily,

Listen clear.

Always I have loved you,

Always I will,

Know that you’ve imprinted,

On my heart still.

Never have I loved another,

Never I will,

But I know we’ll be together soon,

After the final kill.

Time is running out for me,

So I need you to know,

I’m sorry that I sunk,

So very low.

So this is what I’ve done,

For seven years or so,

Watched over young Harry,

As he continued to grow.

Cheated death countless times,

I know it is coming, nearing the end,

Time to say goodbye,

To some dear old friends.

But Lily remember,

I loved you from the start,

And I always will,

Until  stops this beating heart.


A/n; Hey guys! Just a little poem I wrote, about Snape and Lily; although hopefully you got that to start with! Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to vote, comment and all that jazz if you like. :)

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