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WARNING: This is only the first draft of this story and hence, it is a rough draft. I have not had the chance to go through all my typos and errors. Since it is a first draft, it does need heavy editing. But I really hope to improve it because this is just a starting point. We all have to start somewhere, right? Other than that, enjoy! :)



We stood there, immobile, staring at each other. It was like we were stuck to the ground. I found myself trying to look anywhere else but at him. That was hard to do considering the fact that we were surrounded by emptiness. But it was this burning curiosity that I had in me which prevented me from leaving that place. Then I did the inevitable. That one thing I didn’t want to do. I looked up. Instantly, I was drawn to those deep pools of blue ores that were his eyes. The sorrow in those indigo eyes took me by surprise and yet again, I found myself contemplating whether it was him who wanted to get this over with quickly or me.

 A deafening silence hung in the atmosphere as I tried to forgo the palpable tension. Finally, he let out an audible sigh. A sigh that sounded like he’d given up and had accepted defeat.

Then, with a pain-stricken look on his face, he uttered those words that had me scarred for life.

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