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Just then, Phil's mom walks in the room. "Phil, we have to go now..." She says.

"Hey, mom. Can I just talk to you for a moment in the hall?" Phil asks.

"Of course, sweetie..." His mom says. Then I was alone in the room.


Me and my mom walk out of the room. "Dan doesn't have any place to go... He can't live on his own... Can we maybe let him stay at our place after he's able to leave here?" I ask, hoping my mom would say yes.

"Phil, I don't know if we can... We don't have an extra room or any place comfortable where Dan can sleep..." My mom explains.

I think for a moment. "He can sleep in my bed, and I'll sleep on the couch..."

"For a while? Honey, I don't think that's gonna work..."



"Please?!" I beg.

My mom sighs. "...I'll talk with your dad about it..." She says.

"Yay!" I hug my mom. I then open the door to Dan's hospital room. "I gotta go now... See you tomorrow, Dan."

Dan nods and waves to me. I close the door and me and my mom leave the building.


The next day, I wake up, my curly morning hair annoying me as I push it out of my face. I look to the left to see my crutches by me.

This is so boring... I miss Phil...

I hear the door open and I see a doctor. "Ok since you're awake now, I'm gonna ask you about how this had happened in the first place..." The doctor states.

"Well... Apparently it was my mom..." I say.


"I-I don't remember it happening, b-but that's what my...b-...friend said..." Oh god I almost said boyfriend...

The doctor nods and asks a few more questions before she gets up and leaves. A then Phil walks in.


I walk into dans hospital room after I see a doctor walk out. I look at Dan. "How you feeling?" I ask. I didn't know his hair was naturally curly omg it's cute... I shake those thoughts away. Now ain't the time, Phil.

"Better, I guess..." Dan quietly responds. I nod and Dan smiles.

"So, I know how you don't have any place to really stay, but maybe you can stay with me and my family?" I say.

Dan's smile fades. "Noooo I don't want to be a burden..."

"You won't... My mom and dad already talked about it and said it was fine..." I explain.

"Are you sure?" Dan asks. I nod again.

"When do you get out of the hospital?" I ask.

"In a few hours I think... I'm sad I wasted a Saturday in a hospital..." Dan says and pouts, causing me to laugh.

"Well we still have tomorrow..."

I hope this chapter isn't confusing... I think I should've wrote out a plan for this instead of just writing XD. Oh well I hope you liked it.

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