1. The Ultimate Sacrifice

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~ Dedicated to Lani for helping me edit this! ~

Living underwater wasn't something to be proud of, at least not to her. Being there was a curse, a prison bound up by metal-like seaweed. Unbreakable, impossible.

She sighed as bubbles simultaneously blew out of her mouth. Her brown eyes searched above her, subconsciously counting the rays of sunlight breaking the surface of the water.

Green hair flowed around her face in a majestic crown, but she just flicked it out of her vision, annoyed.

In everyday that passed she still didn't know how she put up with her dreadful life. She was a lower Syreni, with legs and ugly skin. Looked down upon, she was hated and pushed around by nearly everyone.

Cassida shook her head, driving away the thoughts inside her head, this was not the time for her to feel sorry for herself and question her existence.

She stood up on the rough rock she had previously been sitting on, and pushing off, she began to swim.

She kicked her legs as hard as she could, using her arms as well to help with the acceleration. All her life Cassida tried to make her great sacrifice, she made sacrifices left and right, but no matter how big it was, how hard she worked, or how much she wanted a tail and beautiful skin, nothing she did worked.

Sometimes she thought that she may have just been born to never change, staying the way she was meant she would always be a lower Syreni.

The thought almost brought tears to her eyes, but Cassida quickly buried her feelings deep down, chaining them up.

As she got closer to civilization she kept her head down, not wanted to make eye contact with anyone. She didn't want their stares of disgust or compassion.

She didn't want anything.

Cassida landed on the slick sea floor and immediately began to walk. Her skin crawled at all of the eyes that landed on her, it made her feel bare, like she no longer had scales covering the whole of her body. Quiet snickering met her ears, but she didn't look up.

The Syreni wanted to growl at them, make them see her anger, but holding back her bitterness was a sacrifice in itself. She just had to wait for sometime when it would actually matter, her great sacrifice.

Cassida silently walked past all of the higher Syreni that looked her way, trying her best to forget that they were even there.

Sometimes she would envy and begin to hate the higher Syreni for their perfect, beautiful skin, crystal blue eyes, and tails, making it easier for them to swim, but as always Cassida wouldn't think such things, it was mean and selfish. She knew that.

She smiled as she reached her work station for the day, story teller. Many young Syreni sat there, waiting for their entertainment. They all cheered when they saw Cassida sit down in front of them.

Their small cheers and claps were wonderful, causing her to wave back at them. This was were she belonged, with the young, for they cared not for what rank you sat in. How wonderful it must be to have no cares, to be so innocent and free.

Cassida missed those feelings as she looked at each and every face in her tiny crowd of ten.

Two Syreni swimming a few feet away from her suddenly caught her eye. She looked over and couldn't hold back a scowl as two girls laughed, smirking over at her.

"Alright everyone, let's get onto the story!" Cassida announced, trying her best to ignore the girls as she looking away from them. "Now, have any of you ever heard about now the Syreni came to be?"

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