Exploration 1: The familiar beginning

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The beginning: The legend begun when a powerful heart seeking vengeance upset the balance of powers far too great for him. The Earth is balanced by the land and sea thanks to 4 heroes who called forth the dragon that governs them both.

The influence of the heart’s great desires upset this balance, and disaster restarted itself. The world called upon the 4 heroes of Earth yet again...


It was quite a frightful moment now, not being able to think about anything except what needed to be done. Everything rested on these actions now, my actions to be exact, but with those claws thrashing all over the place, all we could do is run. All I could feel is my chest stinging from fatigue, my eyes blurring from the heavy downpour. But then, just as I had succeeded through the gate that was the target of my task, I felt the inevitable – the bone breaking, burning pain in the side of my head that knocked me straight out. Suddenly, All I could hear is the voice of my partner...

“No! Don’t let go... Hold on! Please! You can do it!”

Exploration 1: The beginning

The cute structure stood tall in front of her, for some reason intimidating, despite the only possible dangerous thing there was the flames lighting the entrance. The tiny turtle paced the ground a great distance from the building, occasionally looking up and sighing.

“No. I can’t behave like this anymore... Today is the day I will do it!” She announced to herself. She stepped forward roughly, until one foot was atop a strong wooden grating on the ground.

“Pokemon detected! Pokemon detected!” Shouted a child-like voice.

“Who’s footprint! Who’s footprint?” Roared another voice.

“The footprint is Squirtle’s! The footprint is Squirtle’s!” Shouted the child again. Squirtle instantly jumped backwards after hearing this, then ran backwards until she fell on her back, breathing heavily.

“Whew... That was shocking.” She exclaimed. “... So today isn’t the day... I thought having my personal treasure with me would give me the confidence... I need to try again later.” She stood and looked at a small stone for a while, then walked off in the opposite direction. Two shadows emerged from behind the flames, snickering about something.

    Squirtle travelled a short distance to end up on a beach, her mind filled with woe of not being able to even get near the building. She just lied on her back watching the sky. It was a clear evening.

“Hmm... I did even worse today... The Krabby aren’t even out yet. I love the bubbles the send out at this time... The sun isn’t even setting yet.”

She got up and looked out across the beach. There was another figure lying down. “Huh? Who...” she thought. She began walking closer, then she realised that the figure was a knocked out young pokemon. She began sprinting.

“Oh my goodness! Are you alright?” She shouted. She shook the body crazily.


Suddenly I could hear the shouting of a worried voice. It wasn’t recognisable, and was giving me quite a headache, despite being asleep for so long. I started to wake up slowly, listening to my surroundings rather than the annoying shouts. I could hear the sea pleasantly washing the shore of a beach. I opened my eyes slowly to an unbelievable sight. The cute face of a young girl was eye to eye with me, almost as if waking up to a dream. Then my mind began to focus, and I could see that the new face was nothing more than someone’s Squirtle.