Chapter 6

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Heyo! Back with another chapter. There are gonna be a few more characters in this one. Hope you enjoy!

Everyone's POV :
As we were giving everyone hugs Zane and Scotty start telling us all about all the Ghost stuff that's been happening as soon as they start talking about it we hear Kisten (Scottys gf) scream from Scottys room. We all run to his room to see what's happened.
Kisten was on the floor almost in tears.
Scotty- "Babe what's wrong?! What's happened?!
We were all standing around in a circle while Scotty was on the floor with Kisten.
Kisten- "I...You. You ran past me! And you touched my shoulder then I saw...I saw. I saw somethings face through the window just looking at me.
Zane- "What? Scotty was in the other room with us?
Gabbie- "Yeah he didn't- WHAT WHAT WAS THAT! Gabbie said that as turning around.
Heath- "What was- Oh my god I just felt that too"
Kisten- "See! There's something in this room!"
Scotty- "Okay babe just calm down."
Liza- "Let's all go in the living room and stay together"
Carly- "Yeah let's put on a film"
Everyone- "Yeah sounds like an idea..."
We all walk slowly into the living room and sit down on the couch.
David- "Um. Guys. I don't feel safe. I feel like there's "someone" else with us like we're being watched. As soon as I said that we heard Gabbie screaming from the bathroom. I grabbed Liza's hand.
We all froze and didn't know what to do until we heard
Zane and Heath ran to the bath room. (Zane and gabbie are going out in this #Zabbie 😂)
At this point everyone was trying to break the door down then gabbie stopped screaming.
Carly- "Gabbie?! Gabbie? Gabbie bang on the door if your still there if you need help!"
Nothing happened.
*10 minutes later*
Gabbie- "Guys... Please. Help me"
After another 5 minutes we finally get the door open. Gabbie was sitting on the bathroom floor in tears

Zane's POV :
Zane- "Babe?! What happened?! Are you okay?!" I pull her close. Everyone goes back into the living room to give us some space.
Gabbie- "I don't even remember coming in here."
Zane- "What happened?"
Gabbie- "We where all coming out of Scottys room and as we were walking out I just. Blacked out. Then I found myself in here I looked in the mirror and I saw a face. I saw something. Then I started hearing things. They where saying horrible things. That's when I started screaming, then everything went black again. Then I came conscious  and I felt something sharp on my back like scratches. That's all I can remember.
Zane- "Let me see your back"
Gabbie lifted up her shirt and she had long scratches on her back

Like this ^^^Zane- "Oh my god, we gotta show everyone else"We showed everyone and they we're speeches

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Like this ^^^
Zane- "Oh my god, we gotta show everyone else"
We showed everyone and they we're speeches.
Carly- "Guys we just need to calm down and let's just watch that movie yeah?"
Everyone- "Yeah okay good idea"

Liza's POV :
We we're all sitting around the TV when all of a sudden Kisten...

Mwahahah! Cliffhanger! I know this chapter wasn't really about Liza and David but next chapter there will be more Liza and David lol. I'll also update tomorrow, and I'm really proud of this chapter idk why I just really like it 😂 also thanks for 560 reads 😄 Thanks for reading. Little white girl is outttttttt! Byeeeeeee! Xox

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