10: Spending My Day.

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"You have to care
your worth but not
the result.
You have to care
how good you are and
how good you feel,
but not
how good people think you are or
how good people think you look"
-Amy Poehler

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Should I message him? Or call him. Sometimes people say that I make small things seem like a homogeneous problem but how can you decide something so easily? When there are just thousands of factors that matter! Like if I just message and he was expecting me to actually call him, wouldn't that hurt him? Or what if he was too busy to message you know picking up luggage and all and he'd rather me call him... Or what if he is embarrassed to talk in public and would rather a message for a private conversation? How do people just simply choose like an inky pinky ponky.

Thinking and arguing with myself I decide on just messaging after doing an inky pinky ponky myself.

"I'll try messaging" I voice my choice again still in doubt if calling would be better.

*How was your flight? *

I message him and continue watching my serial as it's about to finish I get a reply from him.

*it was a long one ‹_›, waiting for a cab outside the airport*

*How is your ankle? *

* it's good. I can walk now :)without you having to hold me😎*I reply.

*sounds good;) wt r u doing? 😂*

*talking to you!! ^_^*

*cheesy huh? ;}*

*what's that? *

*I'm smirking
coz I bet u enjoyed in my arms! *

*Ayaz!! *


*I'll talk later bye, gotta help dad! *

And he gets offline.

"Ahem... Got a new boyfriend or what?" Rayan says smirking.

"Your red as beetroot" he says.

What? I'm blushing? I don't respond to him instead run to my room.

Explain to me why did I just blush? I ask to myself and before I know what I was doing, I ended up re-reading Ayaz's chats with me.

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